31 May 2015

Goodbye May, Hello June.

Happy birthday to the one crazy enough to put up with not only my dad for the last 14+ years, but be a great mom to all four of us kids, I love you Lynn-mom!

First, let's review my May Goals and see how I did on them.

Read 3 books//PASS! I actually read 4. I finished Live Original & The Gift of Christmas. I also read American Wife & Holding You!

Get & keep goodreads updated//PASS! I logged each book I read this month, yay me!

Put $20 into my concert fund// Pass/Fail. I passed because I'm just going to split my already created Iowa fund. Fail because I didn't add anything to it.

Just write//Meh. I wrote, just not as much as I would have liked.

& onto my June goals.

Read 5 books//Seeing as of right now I'm at least 25 books behind my goal & I have like 12 of Jayme's books I need to read by mid-August, I need to get a little pep in my step.

Have a great time at Moondance//Father's Day weekend, I'm seeing FGL, Thomas Rhett, Chris Young & Phil Vassar along with a few lesser known artists. I'm so excited!

Take my HSN each day//Because it turns out if you want the results and success from your vitamins, you actually have to take them, who knew?

Pine Lake!//I would love to make it up to the cabin for at least a day in June, we'll see if that actually happens!

Write for 20 the next 30//Yes, I want to write for at least 20 minutes the next 30 days.

What's a goal you have for June?

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