18 June 2015

You Probably Didn't Know..

I love Helene and I love link-ups so when she announced a one-time link up called You Probably Didn't Know, I hopped on that faster than the 42nd Prez hopped on Monica.  Did I really just make that joke? I think I did. I'm actually writing this Monday night after a cup of coffee, so if that's offensive, #sorrynotsorry

Helene in Between

- that I have a lot of siblings, but only one biological brother, the rest are technically step or halves. Not that I ever introduce them as such. 

-that I can only smell certain things and only if the smell is very strong. It's due to the scar tissue in my nasal cavity. 

-that I am very sweet and loving, but if you mess with my family, I won't throw the first punch so to speak, but I will throw the last. 

-that there are only two people I tell everything to and I wouldn't know what to do without either one of them, and I hope I don't find out what I'd do without either one of them for a very long time. 

-that I went to school for court reporting, but decided it wasn't for me. 

-that I really love my handwriting. 

-that I have plenty of tattoo ideas, I just need to figure out which one I want first & schedule an appointment!

what's something we probably don't know about you? 

17 June 2015


I confess that I'm overly excited to go up to Bemidji for the weekend. After my hometown, Bemidji is my second favorite town. So many memories!

I confess that I talk to myself quite frequently when I'm by myself, is that normal?

I confess that I often drink coffee too late at night and then wonder why I can't sleep.

I confess that I'm surprised I've blogged every day this week, when last week it was a hot mess up in here.

I confess that I'm way more excited than I should be to get to eat at two of my favorite places tomorrow. Lunch date with Karen at Taco John's since we don't work together til Monday since I'm out of town and Dave's Pizza up in Bemidji for dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins, it's a family-owned pizza place that both my mom and aunt worked at while they were in school.

I confess that I have become readdicted to Pinterest. & I'm the kind of pinner who goes through each person's pins and then on to the next person's. Because I'm weird like that.

What's something you're confessing?

16 June 2015

To my Bestest.

Oh hey best friend,

So today's your birthday, yayyyy! For the next 9.5 months we will both be 23, so that's awesome!

I didn't have any overly pressing, overly exciting things to blog about, so you get a letter because it's YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Maybe next year we can hang out together for one of our birthdays, that would be pretty bomb.com yeah?

Thank you for never judging me when I text you things that a normal person that isn't you or I would judge us for, for always being there for me even if you're a state away.

I honestly couldn't imagine my life without you as my sidekick, hard to believe this our fourth year celebrating birthdays together & that we will have been friends for five years coming up in the fall.

For always being a better person to me than Cristina is to Meredith, for always being the Denise to my Claudia Joy, I love you and I really hope you have an ultra fantabulous birthday with HH.

& in true best friend fashion, your birthday present will be late, but I pinky promise it'll be worth it!

love you!


15 June 2015

happy list [3]

I haven't done a happy list post in a while, so I decided what better way to combat a case of the Mondays than to make a list of things that make me happy & that I'm grateful for!

happy list number 3

my concert drought ends thursday//Moondance Country Jam is THIS week. To say I'm pumped is an understatement.

writing dates//when I have friends all over the country who love nothing more than to say hey let's write and text about it for an hour or two, makes my writer's heart very happy.

baby-back ribs//oh lordy. my work momma brought me some homemade ribs and I've had half of them & they were to die for!

my co-workers//we've had some changes up at the service desk. We promoted one & one of our own got promoted to a supervisory position, and like always there was a time of adjustment, & I think we're really working well together & if I didn't have such a great group of ladies up there, I would have surely gone crazy.

what's something that's making you happy today or this week?

linking up with emily & meg.

11 June 2015

Golden Vlog: My Hometown.

I had a different post planned for today, but then I saw that the Golden Vlog was about hometowns, so I had to link-up because I big puffy heart where I live, is that weird?

05 June 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things

▵ Place: My favorite place would have to be Bemidji. My mom's whole family lives up there & I love the small town feel. I love getting to visit my cousins and aunt and uncle & take in dinner at Dave's Pizza where 
▵ Person: Toss-up between Karen & Jayme. Jayme because we can be old enough to know better & young enough not to care together & she just gets me. Karen because she's my third momma & the one who gets to deal with me in all of my glory at work & away from work as well. 
▵ Color: I don't really have one, but if I had to choose gun to my head it'd be Purple. Or Green. 
▵ Book: If I again just had to choose one, it'd be the Ryan White book. 
▵ Movie: Twister. Followed closely by 8 Seconds. 
▵ Music Artist: George Strait, Garth Brooks & Brantley Gilbert. 
▵ Genre of music: Country for sure. 
▵ Genre of literature: Women's fiction & memoirs. 
▵ Time of day: When I can watch the sunset off of my balcony. 
▵ Day of the week: I really love Sundays for whatever reason. 
▵ Blog: My tribe for sure--Jayme's, Lora's & Rachael's are three of my never miss posts kind of blogs. 
▵ Thing to do when bored: READ! 
▵ Drink: Coffee or a sex on the beach if I'm out drinking with friends. 
▵ Animal: Monkeys & giraffes. 
▵ TV show: Army Wives hands down. I haven't watched in awhile, I may need to get my fix here soon. 
▵ Fruit: Bananas + strawberries. 
▵ Article of clothing you own: My ratty old BSU sweatshirt. 
▵ Quote: I myself am made entirely of flaws stitched up with good intentions. 
▵ Boy’s name: James & Andrew. 
▵ Girl’s name: Lauren Adele. Lyndsay Ann. 
▵ Season: I love Fall. 
▵ Thing about yourself: That I don't know the word no. When someone tells me I can't it motivates me to show them I can and I will. 

04 June 2015

Thursday Thoughts.

I had a different post planned for today, but I've got so much random going on up in my ol' brain that I decided I would let my fingers just type and see what comes out, so buckle up, it may be a bumpy ride.

+I think I'm 50 shades of done with hearing about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. I truly don't care what s/he does but I'm so tired of hearing about it. #sorrynotsorry

+I think it's ridiculous that anyone is jealous of the relationship I have with my work mom, but it seems there are a few people that are. Haters gonna hate.

+I know I'm uber proud of my best friend for killing her first year of teaching.  It's been so cool to see her go from a college freshman to a student teacher to a full-time teacher and wife.

+I think that when my dad calls me just to check up on me it makes my heart happy.

+I think that even though I'm off today, I'm going to head over because we have tacos at work for our quarterly bonus.

+I think that 90s country music is what I would check as my favorite genre of music.

+I think that I'm loving my goal of writing 20 minutes each day.

+I think that the countdown to Moondance is on. I'll be up in Bemidji in 2 weeks. I'm so excited!!

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03 June 2015

Write or Die Wednesday 1

This is my first time linking up with Mia & company for Write or Die Wednesday, so I'm pretty excited, because I love writing and I love a good link-up!

The current bi-weekly prompt is: recount a time when you were on the top of the world.

It was the last days of April 2014, I had known I would be moving out and into this apartment for the last almost month, but it took time to place my deposit, get the co-signer agreement to go through & then before I knew it, I was signing the lease on my first apartment.

I was going from always being surrounded by my family for the last 22 years to leaving the nest and comfort of everything I knew to make it on my own. Sink or swim, I was doing this.

There was something insanely gratifying about signing that lease and moving out. I loved living with my Dad & Lynn-Mom for the four years that I did after high school graduation, but I absolutely love having my independence and my own place.

& my parents didn't get rid of me completely, I mean, I have to do laundry somewhere, right? :)

Write or Die Wednesdays

02 June 2015

What Did They Just Sing?

So I have a knack for thinking I hear one thing but the person actually said something COMPLETELY different. Same goes for music lyrics. Here are the top three that came to my mind right away!

Lonestar//I'm Already There.

What I thought they were singing: He called her on the road from a lonely coat hotel room.
What they were actually singing: He called her on the road from a lonely cold hotel room.

Randy Travis//If I Didn't Have You

What I thought he was singing: If I didn't have you, I'd be floundering around like a chimpanzee
What he's actually singing: If I didn't have you, I'd be floundering around like a ship at sea.

Carrie Underwood//Before He Cheats

What I thought she was singing: He's probably dabbing on $3 worth of that bathroom Polo
What Mady thought she was singing: He's probably dabbing on $3 worth of that bathroom cologne.
What she's actually singing: He's probably dabbing on $3 worth of that bathroom Polo.
Apparently Polo is Ralph Lauren's men's cologne.

What's a song lyric you've misheard lately?

01 June 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up.

This weekend I actually did something worth blogging about, so here goes nothing!

Friday, I only worked til 8, my g-rents picked me up, then we headed to the middle school to pick up my younger cousin and one of his friends from their end of the year dance. This was where we taught my grandma the beauty of text lingo. She was trying to type out never mind and it was taking her FOR-EVER, so my cousin K finally said, Grandma just type NVM. She's like ohhhh & he was like yeah, much easier right?

Saturday was the walk in honor of my cousin Colton, and it was a little chilly to start out with & there were tears as each team shared why they were there. It warmed up nicely and it was a great walk. I spent some time in the back of our team's pack with my lynn-mom and dad, but then ended the walk up near my grandma and grandpa.  Dilly bars were ate at the end of the walk & then we made the trek home. There were lots of laughs on the way home, as usual when my dad and grandpa get together. I was crying so hard I was laughing most of the way home.  We got home early afternoon, then my grandma, lynn-mom and I went to pick out flowers, & we were successful. I love spending time with them, even they drive me nuts sometimes, I would be so lost without them. We dropped my grandma off & then we went to church with my sister. It was a great message about Jesus being the People Mover.  We headed over to the g-rents once we got home, where my grandma had angel food cake waiting for us & where my grandpa and lynn taught me it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way.

Sunday was church again at my home church with the g-rents, lynn-mom & I. Lynn & I then went grocery & more flower shopping before I had to go to work. Work was crazy, but I survived & now it's surging forward into now only a new week, but a new month. Let's make it a good one!

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