28 April 2016

Weekend Shenanigans..on Thursday.

This was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. I got to hang out with one of my friends from work and we got to meet Brantley & we stayed downtown and hung out with Vanessa's best friend Candy as well.


 Saturday started out at BDubs enjoying some wings and appetizers before heading down to Minneapolis and checking into our hotel, we stayed at the Radisson Blu. It was nicer than any hotel I had ever stayed at & only a couple of blocks from the concert venue.

While the other two went to a beer fest that the convention center downtown was putting on, I relaxed at the hotel for an hour or so and then went to get in line to get us front row spots since we had general admission floor tickets. I also picked up my meet and greet info. The other two met me right before the concert started & we watched a bit of Michael Ray's set before Vanessa and I headed to the meet and greet meeting area.

Canaan Smith was next and he didn't disappoint. Once he was done, we all knew Brantley was next and we were PUMPED. I mean when you have front row views, who can blame you? Vanessa hasn't posted all of the concert pics yet, but I do have this one to show you how close we were to the stage!

I absolutely love watching Brantley perform and I love that what you see is what you get with him. All too soon though he had played his encore and Vanessa had snagged his set list and we were on our way back to the hotel after getting our merch fix. Our original plan was to pre-game at the hotel and then head over to First Ave to try and get into the all night dance party they were having for Prince, but that didn't happen because we were all exhausted.


Candy woke up earliest and took it upon herself to walk in the pouring rain to get us all coffee and it was like girl read my mind cause I totally was needing it when I woke up! We all got ready and headed over to First Ave to check out the Prince tributes people had left and get our pictures with his star.

We then headed over to the Electric Fetus which is a record store also in Minneapolis where we browsed the records and CDs. I didn't find anything that I absolutely had to have, but both Vanessa and Candy got a Prince record, after the record store, we were all ready to head back home.  The rest of Sunday was spent catching up on Minnesota sports which meant watching both the Twins and the Wild lose and hanging out with my grandma and Mady helping Mads study for tests she had on Monday.

& yes it took me until Thursday to recap the weekend, just in time for this weekend, where I have big plans to do a whole lot of nothing on Saturday and I have to work on Sunday as usual.

18 April 2016


Drinking: I'm absolutely loving the Ice sparkling waters, sooooo good!  

Eating:  I'm trying to decide if I want BBQ chicken or BBQ ribs for dinner, I think I want BBQ chicken. I should probably get that started.

Wearing: BG shirt & yoga shorts.  

Reading: Just finished the Crossfire series 

Clicking:  blogs through Bloglovin' getting ready to transfer them to Feedly. 

Pinning: Lots of randomness.  

Feeling: relaxed. I've only got a few more days of work before the Brantley Gilbert concert! 

Listening To: right at this moment? GRITS by BG. 

Loving: that I get to meet Brantley Gilbert in 5 days and that my grandpa and grandma come home in 4! 

Excited About:  meeting Brantley and hugging my g-rents. 

Admiring: the wonderful weather we've been having and the fact that my Twins swept the Angels this weekend. #finallywinning

Buying: Brantley merch & food and drinks after the concert :) 

15 April 2016

Friday Letters.

I haven't written a Friday Letters post in YEARS, so I thought it'd be fun to do that this morning.

Dear Lynn-Mom & Dad,
No matter how much you deny it, Ryan is the favorite child, I mean what one of the other three of us could get away with being told 5 or 6 times and still come away with ducks and chickens? #justcallmyparentshousethefunnyfarm

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
I can't wait to hug you guys when you fly in next Friday!

Dear Brantley Gilbert,
OMG! I'm so excited to meet you in 8 days. Following advice from my lovely older sister Lora, I'm going with more than Hi & less than Marry Me. Hopefully I don't completely freeze up :)

Dear Vanessa,
I'm so excited for our next concert adventure together,  and to see what type of shenanigans we can get into in the cities :)

Dear blog,
I can't believe I've actually written twice this week! What is this craziness?

12 April 2016

Ten on Tuesday: Happiness edition.

It's been a couple weeks since I've linked up with Karli for Ten on Tuesday, so I thought I'd do that this afternoon!

I thought I would share ten things that are making me happy this week.

A relaxing weekend|| My weekend this week was today & yesterday and I totally needed a couple of days off after working 6 days in a row.

Coffee in oversized mugs|| Coffee is the nectar of the gods in my humble opinion. It tastes even better when it's nice and hot in an oversized mug!

Reading good books|| Reading needs to be more of a priority in my life again, but I spent the majority of this morning reading and I loved it.

Messy buns & Sweatpants|| I live in them when I'm not at work, even when I head over for lunch with Karen, I told her sorry not sorry, but we've been friends for so long, you know me better than most, you get to see me in a messy bun and sweats.

Lunch with Karen|| She's like another momma to me, I've got my Mom, my Lynn-Mom and then my Work Momma.  We talk about anything and everything. This last week, it's been her theories on who died at the hands of Negan(sp? haven't watched TWD) on The Walking Dead.  Our dogs are always a guaranteed  topic as well, because they are our babies duh.

Country music|| I've said it before, but true country music is the soundtrack of my life.  Not even sorry.

Laughter|| Whether it's been with my friends, my coworkers or my brother, love laughing so hard I'm snorting.

Inside jokes||The newest one that has me snaughling is EXTRA RICE. #youhadtobethere

Phone calls from my Dad|| Last night he called just to check up on me and see how I was doing. I'm a really blessed girl.

My crockpot|| I made barbeque ribs yesterday in my crockpot and they were AMAZING.

What's something that's making you happy this week?

06 April 2016

My Weekend.

My weekend was full and it was fun. I however took very few pictures, #noragrets


Friday was my last day of work before a three-day mini birthday staycation. I worked close and we all know how work is right before a few days off. It drags, but once quitting time came, I was done :)


Saturday was my 24th birthday! I spent the morning just hanging out at home, getting ready for the full day I had planned. I wanted to sleep in, but was awake by 8:30, isn't that how it always goes though? Karen took me out for lunch at Taco Johns, we hadn't been since before she went out on leave back in December, so it was fun to catch up and sit in our booth while eating some potato oles & tacos. #gimmeallthefood. Lynn-Mom and Ryan picked me up, we dropped Ryan off for pre-game warm ups for his lacrosse game and we went and got coffee because free birthday drinks for the birthday girl, that's ME! I got some Lynn-Mom time which I don't get enough of anymore.  Ryan's team got me two back-to-back wins for my birthday which was awesome. I love watching him and any of my siblings do what they love. After lacrosse, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert to go and then went to Smashburger for dinner. We finished out the night watching a movie on Netflix and cuddling with my favorite Cooper dog.


Sunday morning started out with a wonderful church service, one that God placed in my life at the right time, because like I told my Lynn-Mom, if I would have heard that message in the throes of my lying a few years back, it wouldn't have done a lick of good, I would have played the blame game and not realized that Pastor Tom was being used to speak to me.  Mads picked me up from church for my belated birthday sister day.  We went to Texas Roadhouse and she let them know it was my birthday, and so I rode the saddle and then we window shopped at the mall before stopping at Starbucks for my second birthday coffee of the weekend.  We then went to go see Miracles of Heaven, which was an amazing movie which both Mady and I cried at.  We headed back home and went our separate ways for a few hours before meeting up with Lynn-Mom to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I'm pretty sure it was a first for me going to two movies in one day, but if my seester and stepmomma are treating I'll take it :)


Monday was spent recuperating from all of the weekend shenanigans before heading back to work yesterday.

& yes I'm well aware it is Wednesday & I'm just posting my weekend wrap-up, but better late then never right?

Weekly Wrap Up

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