30 April 2013

Never Ever Ever

Neely must seriously be a mind reader, because as soon as I saw her post called Never Ever Ever, I knew I wanted to do a post of my own like it, and not an hour later, I saw that she had posted a link up for it, a one-time link-up!


Never Ever Ever...

Will you hear me say, no, let me get up an hour earlier. 

Will I turn down a chance to see George Strait in concert, or Blake Shelton.

Will I like the taste of beer

Will I say Nah, I don't want that Mike's Hard Black Cherry

Will you hear me say, I don't want to take a picture of that, my Instagram has too many pictures on it. 

Will I turn down an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Lynn. 

Will I let my friends be put down or talked about behind their backs without standing up for them. 

I will never ever ever miss a chance to spend time with my grandparents. 

Will you see me turn down a white chocolate mocha(iced or hot) from Starbucks OR Caribou

What will you Never Ever Ever do/say?  

29 April 2013

Happiness Is...

I have been drawing a ton of inspiration lately from Kenzie's blog, Chasing Happy, lately.

Last week, she posted about her definition of happiness and how her qualifications of happy have changed and continue to change as she goes through different seasons of her life, and I thought HEY! I like that idea!

So, right now, to me, happiness is:

Knowing that no matter what, my faith, family & friends will always have my back.

looking down the table at my grandparents' house when we're all together and soaking up the love and laughter.

the relationship Mady & I share.

the way Cooper cuddles right up behind your legs when you cuddle with him.

a new George Strait or Blake Shelton song.

doing better on a test than I expected.

the shuffle stations option on Pandora

great conversations stemming from blog posts that I've put a lot of time & energy into!

flip flop season!

cool linkups like the one Miss Neely is hosting tomorrow!

knowing that my grandparents will be home soon!

a good book

when my favorite tv shows are new

So tell me, what does happiness look like to you right now?

Mingle 240

28 April 2013

You May Be A Police Officer's Daughter...

As some of you may know, I am the daughter of a police officer.  The one who has been with the same police department since I was a year and a half. 

You may be a police officer's daughter if....

you remember telling your dad "be careful daddy!" every time he left for work from when you were a baby to up until you started school.

you have the utmost respect for any person in uniform, whether it be a police officer, state trooper, or firefighter.  

when you see flashing lights behind you, you automatically assume the person you are riding with will move over a lane or slow WAY down. 

you understand that when your dad leaves in the morning, it doesn't mean he's coming home at night. 

you breathe a sigh of relief when your Dad tells you he bid for days, which you know may be more boring than powers, but it's also a lot safer. 

you immediately tear up when you hear of an officer who has served his end of watch. 

you cry ugly tears while reading the officer down memorial page.  

you thank God every evening when he makes it home in one piece. 

you can't fold his uniform pants just the way he likes them, even if you've been shown how 100 times. 

that 90% of his laundry that you do has his department insignia on it.  

that you are never more proud of your dad then when he receives a statewide honor, but he knows you are always proud of him. 

that you don't put up with when people put down police officers, because these will be the same people calling for them in their time of need & taking away precious time from his family.  

26 April 2013

Pieces of Happy!

So Kenzie from Chasing Happy has a fun new linkup where you just link-up your pieces of happiness from the week, so here are mine:

I've been waiting for it to be warm for what seems like ever. 

  The fact that my two favorite people(my grandma and grandpa!) are on their way home from AZ!

That I was so productive on my day off Tuesday, caught up on laundry, room clean, say what?

The feeling of becoming more connected with lots of different lovely women in this world we call blogland!

Being blessed beyond belief with all that God has given me lately.

The moments before Mady & I fall asleep where we just let loose in our bunks. 

25 April 2013

It's Okay

It's Okay...

to not believe it's actually gonna be in the 70's tomorrow, especially considering my front yard looked like this Monday:

to want to slap some of your sisters friends, but at the same time realize, that sometimes you have to let her fall on her face before she realizes how they treat her. 

to really feel like you are being clothed in blessings by the blog world lately.  

to have changed my father/daughter dance song once again, I kept Cinderella for 3 years or something, but Daddy, Dance with Me by Krystal Keith(Toby Keith's daughter) is my top pick now, not that I'm anywhere near being married, I kind of need a man for that ;)

to feel so cool when you realize you can reply to alerts on your lock screen by just sliding the little icon across the alert.  

to share the random things that rattle around in my brain on twitter, if you want in on the craziness, my handle is @theycallhermeg

to become addicted to Dragonplay Poker on your Iphone, thank you Lynn ;)

So what's okay with you this week?
Link up & let everyone know!
Its Ok Thursdays

23 April 2013

Who I Am.

I'm not Meghan.
Or 4 foot 11 inches and 3/4 or 112.2 lbs(yes, I ran and weighed myself just now, I'm a weird child I know.)
I'm not 21 & I'm not Minnesota. 

I am the Ryan White Story & the Baxter Series, 
any George Strait or Blake Shelton song mixed with anything the Crossing Band puts out,
usually waffles or pancakes and sometimes mcdonalds runs with Mady. 

I'm a Christian. Best Friend. Sister. Daughter. Granddaughter. Cousin. A blogger. Sarcastic. Funny.  Half introvert half extrovert. country music lover. heart on the sleeve wearer/  

I'm not a wife.  or girlfriend. or mother.  I'm not the one with the most friends.  I'm not the one with hundreds of followers. & I'm okay with that.  & I won't apologize for what I am.  

I'm not Minnesota, but I'm going places, and I hope you are gonna come along for the ride!  

thanks to this awesome lady for the inspiration for the post! 

22 April 2013

What My Loved Ones say about Me!

I saw this on Becky's blog last week & knew I had to join in, so I asked some of my best girls to give me three to five facts!

Jayme Sue

We met on a different "journal" site about 2 or 3 years ago, and this girl is one of my best friends and just rocks my socks off!

What she said is:

-you'd do anything to help a friend
-you're perfect for live texting books to(author's note: we tweeted/texted our way through "Safe Haven")
-you're super fun to talk to!


Veronica and I met on the same "journaling" site that Jayme and I did, and we've been friends for over five years, and I love her like the older sister I never had!

-you're an awesome text buddy to watch movies with(author's note: we have movie best friend date nights, usually we watch Twister, we can quote it back & forth & yeah :)
-you're the coolest weather nut I know(author's note again: I have a thing for severe weather, and V shares that thing lol.)
-you're beautiful inside AND out.


So guess what? I met Liz on the same site that I met Jayme & V, I swear I have in real life friends too!

-you have a huge and gigantic heart and will never judge anyone for their beliefs or choices
-You have an open mind and are willing to talk about literally anything.(author's note: I do really try to see things from all sides before taking sides)
-you can be trusted with anyone's deepest secrets and will keep it to yourself(author's note: I think this is probably the greatest thing I can be told. When you tell me something, I will keep it in the strictest confidence until you tell me it's okay to share with others.)
-When it comes to advice or cheering someone up, you will help anyone to the best of your ability.
-Did I mention that you have a huge heart? Not only is it huge, but if anyone could SEE your heart, it would be one of the most beautiful hearts ever!!!

& lastly, but certainly not leastly,

Now, Nessa & I, we go back to the start of court reporting school, the brat left me there by myself though!  She's my hoeface & I love her dearly!

-I like your personality & how strong you are!
-You don't let your appearance affect who you are & work your ass off!
-You're a good friend and honest!

Thanks to my four main ladies for doing this for me! Love you all!

18 April 2013

It's Okay

It's Okay...

...that I haven't linked up in forever.  Okay, I lied, that is NOT okay!

...that my stepmomma makes kickass homemade pizza, almost as good as my stepdad's.

...that my bloglovin count is over 2000, yep, I lied again, that's not okay!

...that I'm addicted to Preachers' Daughters and re-runs of Army Wives

...that I have a major celeb crush on Blake Shelton, even if he didn't tweet me on my birthday. 

...that I also have a huge crush on Brian McNamara(the guy who plays Michael Holden on Army Wives)

....that my brain is filled with mostly country music lyrics.  

...that I recognized a doctor on Army Wives as the guy who played Martin Hudson in 8 seconds

...that I've watched 8 seconds so many times that I can recognize a minor character in the movie on another show.  

So what's okay with you?

Link up with my girls Amber & Neely and let us know!
Its Ok Thursdays

15 April 2013

Remembering Dreams.

The last few nights, I've had a few good dreams that I actually remember, which is kinda crazy for me, cause once I wake up, they're usually gone.

But a few nights ago, I had a dream about a dinner that went wrong and I wasn't able to help my stepmomma by giving her the Heimlich maneuver, so my Dad had to step in and help

& then last night, last night's was a little bit happier, I was doing an Army training exercise(too much Army Wives perhaps?), and I came upon a weimeraner puppy, who was more brownish than silver, and the cutest thing ever.  He wouldn't come all the way with me, but whenever I called Puppy? Puppy? He came & I woke up after he climbed in my lap! 

Have you had any dreams that you remember lately?  

05 April 2013

Five Fact Friday.

I wanted a nice picture on my birthday, and this is what they give me! Thanks guys! 

1. There are 3 pieces of jewelry I never leave the house without: my class ring, my key necklace that my grandparents got me, and my turquoise ring that my grandparents also got me.  

2. I'm the daughter of a police officer, and one of my top fears is getting the news that my Dad isn't coming home at the end of his shift.  I'm very proud of him, and all that he has accomplished the past 20+ years he's been a police officer.  

3. I love meeting new people, and love hearing peoples' stories!  Probably why I like my job in customer service & love blogging so much!

4. One of my pet peeves? When people spell my name wrong, especially in blog world, considering my name is in my blog name!  #sorrynotsorry I will still love you promise, but you might get an eyeroll. 

5. Being a good big sister is one of my biggest priorities, I want my brothers and sisters to be able to come to me with any problems or anything they need to talk about.

linking up with megan 

04 April 2013


Two days ago, my twenty-first birthday, today, my Dad and Stepmom's anniversary.  

Twelve years ago, they were down in Jamaica getting hitched!

Happy Anniversary to the best Dad and Stepmom a girl could ask for! 

Thanks for the teaching me that love is a choice.  Marriage takes work, but it's fun.  Thanks for showing me it's not all roses, but some thorns too, but when you have someone that loves you, no thorn is too big.  

Thanks for showing me tough love and that you need to work hard so you can play hard! 

Happy Anniversary, I love you both!  

02 April 2013


Today is the day.  

The day I turn 21.  

I've joked around with friends and my family saying it's the last "fun" birthday, but I don't think that's true!  

My big plans for the day are doing nothing until this evening and then I'm going out to eat with my family at Olive Garden and my first drink.  

I'm sure I'll head out with friends in the coming days and weeks too!  

Today, I'm also starting my project 365.  From the day I turn 21 to the day I turn 22!

I'll be posting the pictures weekly, more than likely on Wednesdays!  

It's my birthday, but I'm giving away two gift cards over on Neely's blog, so go check that out!  

01 April 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy April Fools Day or as I am now going to refer to it as my BIRTHDAY EVE!

Friday didn't do much since I worked 2 to 11, we were SO busy! 

Saturday I worked 10 to 7, then my coworker brought me my birthday cheesecake in early, since I didn't want to wait & my word, you guys it was amazing, wanna see how good it looked?

& then I snapped this picture of Ryan where he was showing me how to make the bunny racers for Easter:

Sunday Morning was church of course, and what a great service, they did cardboard testimonies again this year, and I LOVED them, just like last year! 

Then it was off to work, where it was busier than I thought it was going to be & I swear, if I had one more person tell me they couldn't believe people would shop on Easter, because retail workers have families too, I was going to SCREAM! 

Today it's back to school, tomorrow I took the day off, Mady has to work, so I'm hoping we can do dinner and buy my first drink and just have a good day!

How was everybody else's Easter?  

linking up:
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