17 March 2017

It's Just Smile Day :)

So I just realized thanks to a post by Brett Eldredge, that today is Just Smile Day.

So I thought I'd share a few things that are making me smile on this St. Patrick's Day Friday!

-This. Three straight years of the Meghan&Cooper Spring Break selfie.

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-Also the fact that I got an actual picture of Chloe & I together...proof that I do indeed have TWO dogs,,

-A hug from my work momma after not seeing her for a week.

-My new fitbit that I got for a GREAT deal off of a Facebook garage sale site.

-Breakfast with my sister and grandparents.

-Walking around MOA with my sister and her new boyfriend this past Saturday.

-Getting a compliment at work.

-A friend asking if I'd like to go see Ed Sheeran with her in July. We're seeing Tim&Faith together in August, so it'll be a good summer, concert-wise! (this picture is from the last time we saw him together!)
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So tell me, what's something that has got you smiling this week?

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