31 January 2014

#CatchtheMoment365 week 4.

January 23-My handwriting.  

January 24-I challenge you to read Molly McAdams' books Taking Chances and Stealing Harper without crying, if you do, you obviously don't have a heart. Or are just immune to feeling things.  That's what this shirt is referencing! 

January 25-I think  this is actually the only dog picture this entire week.  

January 26-Random memory lane with Mady.  

January 27-Happy 2nd Birthday Grady! Grady is Spencer's half-brother.  

January 28-What the weather does to my glasses.  

January 29-Discussing the strength and stubbornness to be a grandpa.  Especially to granddaughters.  

Nurse Loves Farmer

30 January 2014

Finish This!

So I'm totally late to class today, actually was gonna play hookie, but decided to play along with my friends Jen and Nicole for Finish This! 

1. I use my “green thumb” to …pet my unicorn, because they are both imaginary things
2. The secrets to life is...
there is no secret.  The secret to life 
3. I get my money’s worth by…buying quality products.  
4. On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is…seven.  
5. A gentleman always…opens the door for his wife/significant other, treats all women with respect, is caring.  
6. Handwritten notes are…one of my favorite things...ever! 

29 January 2014

Thank God for All I've Missed. (TGBTL #8)

When I was four, I thought I wanted to be Shania Twain.

When I was fourteen, I thought I wanted to be a vet tech.

When I was sixteen, I was going to be a nurse. I wanted to go to a four year school.  I wanted to move away from everything I knew.

When I was eighteen, I wanted to be a teacher, a counselor, a probation officer and I finally ended up going to school for court reporting.

& now I'm twenty one, almost twenty-two, and I am so grateful, I never became any of that, well other than the court reporter, ha!

It totally reminds me of that song by Darius Rucker, This, Thank God for all I've missed, because it led me here to, THIS! 

Girl Between the Lines Link up

also, if you want to enter to win up to $600 in Amazon gift cards, you can go here

28 January 2014

Survey Says..

Is the person you last texted single?

Do you get jealous easily?
Not anymore.  

Are you wasting your time on the person you like?
I don't really "Like" anyone right now.  

What are you currently waiting for?

Do you think more about the past, present, or future?
present & future. 

Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now?

Honestly, did/do you really love the last person you said I love you too?

Is anything wrong with your eyes?

Who were the last people you saw besides from family?
random strangers.   

Do you have nice eyes?
I like them. 

Have you ever received a love letter more than a page long?

If something was wrong, who is the first girl you would go to?
Probably Lora or Cass.  

 Who's thinking about you right now?
who knows.  

is this year the best year of your life?
it's january, so hard to say.  

Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn't?
yes, in my dreams..

Does your bedroom need cleaning?
it's actually somewhat clean right now.  

July 4th or St. Patrick's Day?
4th of July because its warmer.

 Sushi of choice?
I don't know the different kinds, so any I guess. lol. 

Would you rather take a relationship really slow or really fast?

 Do you ever hang out with someone of the opposite sex?
of course.

Are you comfortable with your height?

Do you act differently around the person you like?
I try not to.  

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
Not those kinds of feelings ha.  

 Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
oh yeah. 

 Do you like thunderstorms?

Do you think teenagers can be in love?

How fast does your mood change?

are there things that can't be joked about with you?

What do you always take with you?
my phone goes just about everywhere with me.  

When is your birthday?
April 2nd (:

Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
when I was in hs my sister made me sleep in the closet, because I snored so loud.  

  Anything on your walls?

What do you bite more, your tongue, lip, or cheek?
my lip hahaha

 Has a boy/girl called you babe/baby lately?

Is there something that you want to tell someone but can't?

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more?
I would think I could.   

Do you feel comfortable getting up and giving speeches?
that would be a negative.   

This time last year, can you remember who you liked?

Would you ever want to swim with the sharks?

 Does anyone know your passwords besides you?

Have you ever kissed someone under fireworks?

Do you have a box where you keep all your important things?
not really.   

How many times have you dyed your hair?
I can't even remember lol.   

Can you count past 100?

Who introduced you to your last boyfriend or girlfriend?

 If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
if i was by myself, probably not ha

 Most memorable thing that's happened to you over the summer? 
I went to Michigan.  

 Has anyone called you perfect before?

 What’s your all-time favorite ROMANCE movie?
Hope Floats! 

Do you prefer the ocean or pool?

 Ever really cried your heart out?

Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of 2010?

Is there a difference between love and IN love?
yes, major difference

Do you speak any other language other than English?
Does Sarcasm count? 

 Do you think you were raised well?

Could you name all 50 states and point to them on a map?
yes :)

 Where was the last place you were when you got sick?
my house 

 Have you ever smuuggled something into America?
I have never been out of the country.  I totally typed I've never been out of the house at first.  

 What's your favorite super-hero?
hmm.  pass.  

 Can you say the alphabet backward?
yeah thanks to 8th grade choir lol. 

 Pen or pencil?

Ever had an 11:11 wish come true?
not that i remember, no..

Do you get bad headaches?

Have you ever broken someone’s heart? 
I'd hope not.  

Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?

What's usually colder, your hands or your feet?

Give me a random lyric from the song you're listening to: 
Is it whiskey night or just a couple beers? I mean what kind of gone are we talking bout here?

Do you like competition?

Do you think two people can last forever?

Do you consider yourself lucky?

Do you live in a ghetto neighborhood?

Who was the ugliest person you saw today?
what a horrible question. 

Has a song ever made you cry?
yes, many songs

A book ever made you cry?

Is your world crumbling to pieces?
ha no.  

25 January 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #4

I can't believe it's already the last Saturday of the month! Where did January go?
I have three new songs this week that I'm loving.

Garth Brooks ft Trisha Yearwood//The Call

Tyler Farr//Whiskey in my Water

If you only listen to one song this week from this post, make it this one, I think it's such a great story, Mark Wills actually posted about her on his facebook page!

Kaitlyn Jackson//Another Angel

24 January 2014

#CatchtheMoment365 Week 3

January 16- My physical to be read pile

January 17-Wearing my original Blaze choir shirt.  

January 18- One of my current books I'm writing.  

January 19-More Chicago Fire.  

January 20- Such a lazy dog.  

January 21- Chipotle...YUM! 

January 22-My girl, my girl, talkin' bout my giiiiiirl.  

Nurse Loves Farmer

Read more on Nurse Loves Farmer: http://www.nurselovesfarmer.com/2014/01/catch-moment-365-week-3/

23 January 2014

Thursday Three.

The last three nights, my brother Ryan, Lynn and my Dad all played our Marbles Game.  The last three nights, Lynn and I have kicked the boys butts.  It was really fun, it's been nice being able to sit down and rib each other and laugh.

I did some retail therapy with one of my best friends Vanessa last night and I got quite a lot for relatively little money.  We met up at the Mall of America around 3:30 yesterday & walked around.  I bought the comfiest yoga bra and yoga pants at VS & then a pair of Bar Paw boots and then a few lotions at Bath&Body Works. I'd call it a successful trip.  

Then last night when we were playing marbles, Ryan told me about what he learned about in youth group, they're talking about sex and relationships and this is what he tells me: I have to approve any boy before he can take you out on a date or be your boyfriend.  And if he tries to have sex with you, I'll give him a knuckle.  Cue the big sister tears.  I always wanted a big brother, but it looks like my younger brother is going to do that job for me!  

Have a great almost Friday loves! 


22 January 2014

The Girl Between the Lines #7

"I've always wanted a key necklace, don't ask me why, because I don't know why." I told my Grandma that summer/fall.

I completely forgot that conversation until Christmas Day of that same year. I opened it & the first thought that came to my mind was, she remembered.  She remembered me telling her that I've always wanted one.  & that made me feel so loved and special.

I don't take the necklace off ever.  I've added another smaller key to it, as well as an old turquoise ring that I have.  It reminds me of how much my grandparents love me & I feel naked without it on.

What's something tangible that holds intangible value to you? Go link up with Lauren or Hayley and let them know! 

Girl Between the Lines Link up

21 January 2014

I Believe.

I believe in second chances.
I believe a genuine "I'm sorry" goes a long way. 
I believe a girl's favorite songs say a lot about her.
I believe in having a favorite worn old hoodie and pair of jeans. 
I believe in having a group of best friends that are like sisters. 
I believe in binge watching shows on Netflix. New Girl is up next, thanks to my girl Rachael
I believe in inside jokes.
I believe a good cry can do you a world of good, even if you have no idea why you are crying. 
I believe in Starbucks. 
I believe in singing in the shower. 
I believe that marriage is forever. 
I believe that every woman should have a celebrity crush, mine are Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan & Taylor Kinney. Oh and Blake Shelton
I believe that writing is therapeutic.
I believe that a dog's love is the purest.

What do you believe in?

20 January 2014

Life Lately.

My girl Erin posted a picture of her in her husband's safety goggles, so I thought hey what the heck.  

Why yes, I realize I am quite late to the game today.  I have a day off today & I slept in and am slowly, but surely catching up on the current season of Chicago Fire. 

Also attempting to clean and organize my room and closet, because they haven't had tender loving care in way too long.  

Have any of y'all heard Garth Brooks' first new single in forever? It's The Call & features a certain Ms. Yearwood as well.  

LOVE it.  It'll be a part of my Meghan's Mixtape 4, which will be live Saturday.

& lastly for this mixbag of a post, my favorite author's last book in her Wanted series is being released tonight at midnight, Kelly Elliot is the bomb dot com.  

Thus ending the most random post in They Call Her Meghan's history. 

Meghan out.  

19 January 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food 
-Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas 
-Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream
2. First 3 things you do in the morning 
-Turn off my alarm
-Check texts
-Go to the bathroom

3. Last 3 things you do at night 
-set my alarm

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss 
-Chicago Fire
-Grey's Anatomy

5. 3 places you want to visit 
-Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
-North Carolina again. 
6. 3 people you can always count on
-my momma
-my stepmomma

18 January 2014

Saturday Mixtape #3

Back for the third week of my favorite songs!

I'll be the first one to admit that I was very skeptical about liking this, but I think Florida Georgia Line's version is good, but I still love Garth Brooks' version as well!

This is from one of my favorite shows, Nashville, I love Lennon & Maisy 

I just love the sound and feel of this song, Brad, Dierks and Hunter kill it! 

17 January 2014

Don't Ask Me How I Know.

Just take it from me,
-that when you are shopping for your soon-to-be stepmom's wedding dress, don't suggest Victoria's Secret, she'll laugh at you and ask if your dad put you up to it.  Just so you don't think I'm completely crazy, I was only 8 at the time.

-that the best thing you can do for your kids is get them a dog, and they'll thank you later.

-that the hardest thing you'll have to go through is losing your grandpa unexpectedly at 14 and then finding out less than a month later your other grandpa has cancer.

-that you should always tell the people you love that they are just that, you'll never know when the last time will be for that!

you need to link up with Fal for her Take it From Me linkup :)

#CatchtheMoment365 Week 2

 Week two of Catch the Moment!

January 8th- My favorite picture of Cooper as a puppy. 

January 9th-Selfie before bed.  

January 10th-Tip your hat to the cowboy every once in awhile and remember that cowboy's smile. RIP Lane Frost.   

January 11-What my Saturday morning before work consisted of, Chicago Fire and Reese's Puffs.  

January 12th-Sometimes you just gotta have fun. #yesmyroomismessy

Janary 13th-Yes, I love this! 

January 14th-My small group and I went to Laser Tag and Ryan tagged along.  We then spent some brother/sister time playing arcade games. #mykindofnight

January 15th- A little bedtime snack, yes please! 

linking up with Sarah for Catch the Moment 365.  

16 January 2014

All Things Possible.

Linking up with Ashley for: 

I just finished Kurt Warner's autobiography All Things Possible 

I have read the book him and his wife wrote titled First Things First and also Brenda's book One Call Away, but somehow never read Kurt's book.  The biggest thing that drew me to him and his book was the fact that he is a Christian.  & then secondly that he puts his family second, only to his faith.  If you don't know who Kurt Warner is he is a retired AFL/NFL quarterback.  He led the Rams to the 1999 Superbowl and won, where he said my favorite quote from the whole book, first things first, I have to thank my Lord and Savior up above-Thank you Jesus! 

I love how he seems so down-to-earth and grateful for everything he's gone through to be who he is.  Even if you aren't a football fan, I still think you can learn a lot from him.  The one thing I didn't like about it was the editing.  

That being said, I'll give the book an A-

15 January 2014


This link-up is pretty much my favorite one in all of blog land, if you want to join in go check out Lauren's blog for more details! 

So I shared my favorite piece of advice last year here, so I'm gonna share my second favorite piece of advice/wisdom.  

I don't know how many times I tried to use the but everybody's doing it excuse on my parents growing up. We were talking about that a few nights ago, my Dad and I, and he's like not everybody is doing it, because you're not. Touche Dad, touche.  

I think there's so much that our society has dubbed as the norm/right way to do things now just because everyone is doing it, and I have had to realize that just because everyone is doing it, doesn't mean that it's right.  

Have a great Wednesday everyone! 

Girl Between the Lines Link up

14 January 2014

Random Meghan Facts.

1. It drives me absolutely bonkers when singers don't enunciate the G's at the endings of words.  Common offenders include Taylor Swift, and Big and Rich do it in Caught in the Moment.

2.  I am that person that sings even when she has her headphones in and I'm not even an iota apologetic about it.

3. When I get really excited, I rub my hands together, which I get from my dad.  When I get really really excited, I flap.  Lynn loves to make fun of me for it.  One of my favorite authors does it too, except she calls it muppet flailing and that's just plain awesomesauce.

4. I chopped my hair off in October 2012 and I'm still trying to grow it out again.

5. If I could have anyone listen to one song it's Mark Wills' Don't Laugh at Me, it helped me get through teasing and name calling when I was younger.

6. I just started watching Chicago Fire, and to call me obsessed would be an understatement.  I mean have you seen who the firefighters are? #swoon.

7. I really want a tattoo.  I have actually quite a few that I want, but my first one is going to be "If heaven wasn't so far away."

8. If money were no object, I'd open up my own coffee shop & then also be an author.

9. My favorite sport is hockey, followed closely by NASCAR, although I do love watching football and baseball too.  I cheer for the MN Wild, Hendrick Motorsports, the Carolina Panthers and MN Twins for their respective sports.

10. I found the above quote on Pinterest last night, and it was like YES! SO true.  My sister and I aren't speaking at the moment and I'm learning that she gave me the scissors and I have to be okay with cutting her off for now.  Doesn't mean I don't love her, just means I can't keep getting hurt over and over without getting bitter.

13 January 2014

Alien Smiley Face.

"You shower first!" "No you shower first!" Mady and I bickered back and forth, and I suppose it should be noted that we had two showers that could be used, but yet we were still arguing over who was going to shower first.  

When my words didn't make her shower first, I decided, I was going to hit her, and then she pinched me, and not a little pinch either, it was an I'm going for blood pinch.  It bled, and then scabbed, and then I had a sideways half moon scar, a few years after that, when I was 14 or 15, a freckle appeared there, thus giving the appearance of what Mady & I called my alien smiley face scar.  Now, the scar itself has completely faded, but Mady always loved telling people she gave me my favorite scar.  

Any fun stories behind any of your scars? 

12 January 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?
They Call Her Meghan and since August of 2010.  

2. Why do you blog?
Because I'm a broke college kid and therapy is expensive...nah, I just like having a place to spew my word vomit :) 
3. What is the first blog you ever followed?
She doesn't write there anymore, but Brittany's Not Your Average Teen was one of the very first if not first blog I followed!
4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2013?
I really liked this one I did on my work momma
21 Things I learned in 21 Years here..
& 7 reasons I will not be winning DOTY here
5. What are your blogging goals for 2014?
I outlined a few of them here...
6. Top 3 favorite blogs to follow?
Proud doesn't even begin to explain how I feel that this great kid is my younger cousin!
Don't we all wish we could wear yoga pants to work a la Miss Whit?
& Liz was one of my first interwebz friends(she was the friend I tried to visit in high school)

11 January 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #2

I'm way late to class today, but I did want to get this out here, so my song for the second week is July in Cheyenne by Aaron Watson. I love the song, the artist and the cowboy it's about!

10 January 2014

#CatchtheMoment365 Week 1

Nurse Loves Farmer

Today, I'll be sharing the first week of my pictures for #catchthemoment365

How has it been almost four years since I graduated? That's just crazy talk! 

Good lesser known song by Toby Keith! 

This happens once in every like 20 years.  

Cuddly Cooper and my favorite blanket! 

My parents were gone for the weekend and Cooper was my shadow.  

MN selfie on Monday.  I was still cold! 

Another sleepy Cooper pic. 

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