25 May 2015

23 about 23.

Before I get to the 23 random facts about yours truly, I would be incredibly remiss not to mention all of the soldiers that gave all so I can live in this wonderful country, thank you to all of those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

1) Ever since my I was a little girl, my mom has always told me "I love you higher than any mountain top and deeper than any sea." One day (when I quit chickening out about needles) it'll be one of my tattoos.

2)I was going to be Anna Marie, but my grandma said Anna was too old-fashioned for a baby girl, so that's why Anna is my middle name.

3) I already have a boy's name picked out for when I have kids and I'm pretty set on a girl's name as well.

4)I used to be able to watch scary movies no problem, but now that I'm living by myself, I can't even watch previews for them, which makes it fun when Pandora advertises the Poltergeist.

5) I'm double jointed in my middle fingers.

6) I have a scar that goes about one third of the way down my left thigh and one that is right in the middle of my stomach from surgery when I was a kid.

7) I have to read the book before I see the movie, unless a) I've given up on the book(I did this with the Hunger Games & the Divergent series) or b) I didn't know there was a book before the movie(The Notebook)

8) My least favorite number is 66.

9) If I could only go to one concert for the rest of my life it would be Garth Brooks with let's say BG as an opener.

10) I love my handwriting.

11)I've had an online diary/journal/blog since I was 14 years old & have written consistently since I was 16.

12)My most used app on my phone is probably Pandora.

13)I would truly be lost without Jayme & my work momma. They are the only two I tell everything to.

14)I knew my best friend 3 years before meeting her. She was the first one to get me drunk. #thosedoorswereheavy

15)The book that changed my life and will probably be my favorite book for all the rest of time is Ryan White's autobiography.

16) I'm the oldest, but at work I'm considered the baby & I absolutely love it.

17)Very few people actually call me Meghan, I've got a ton of nicknames and I usually only get called by my full name when I'm in trouble or something's wrong.

18)I've got a weimaraner, beagle & golden retriever and they are all my babies.

19)I'm very sarcastic & sassy, but would truly give you the shirt off of my back.

20)I was only going to be at my job until I got done with school, school's gone, but I still love my job...most days :)

21)You can joke with me about just about anything, but I have a few things that are absolutely off limits.

22) I don't drive.

23)I truly believe you can never tell someone too much that they are loved.

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