28 May 2015

Thursday Thoughts.

I totally did not show up here yesterday, whoops.

I thought I'd do a random life update, brain dump if you will...

+I got this awesome new bright neon pink/salmonish colored Under Armour hoodie at the outlet mall the other day, because I totally needed a new sweatshirt(not really, I have a thing about not getting rid of my hoodies)

+When I was at my mom's, I got to cuddle with my brother's new puppy Charlie, she's a rambunctious monster, but so adorable at the same time!

+I just finished American Wife by Taya Kyle and I laughed & I cried, I definitely recommend it! I still have to read the rest of American Sniper and see the movie.

+When I get home at night, I always make sure to text Karen that I got home okay & usually she sees it, but doesn't respond because she's already in bed, but last night, we talked for a few minutes, and I really needed it after my day yesterday.

+I had a fun few days at my mom's at the beginning of the week, but yesterday it was back to work & I also had an ortho appointment, where my orthodontist told me that he could see the start of the light at the end of the tunnel. Yay? I'm ready for these bad boys to be off.

+Saturday is the MADD walk that we're walking in, in honor of my cousin Colton, it's supposed to be sunny, but cooler.  Fine with me, as long as it's not raining!

So what's going on in your world?

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