15 May 2015


Happy Friday beautiful people!

It's another cloudy day in Minnesota, but it's supposed to be really nice this weekend & I have Sunday off! #WIN

I'm going to be doing a mash-up of Oh Hey Friday, 5 on Friday, & Friday Favorites, that cool? COOL!  & Oh Hot Damn that's my Jam! Almost forgot that one :)

1. I made a playlist on Spotify after my cousin and I have been thinking back on the summer of 2010 when we spent so much time at my family's camper on the lake in Northern MN. I present to you, Nostalgia Summer 2010:

2. Shonda Rhimes may have redeemed herself a little bit for killing Derek in Grey's by how she ended Scandal last night. All I'll say it's about dang time, Shonda!

3. Yesterday was my second day off of the week, and it was marvelous! I didn't get to sleep in because my body hates me, but I got to have lunch with Karen, came home, read a little, ended up taking a two-hour nap & then watched the aforementioned Scandal finale & Grey's finale with Jayme.

4. We're down to just over a month until I head up North for Moondance Country Jam with my cousin Stephanie. I'm going through concert withdrawals. It's been too long since I went! (Garth in November was my last one.)

5. How I feel when I haven't talked to Jayme in a while:

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