07 April 2017

Friday Favorites

I am alive and I do still blog here, SHOCKING I KNOW!

I thought to ease myself back into the blogging world, I'd share some of my favorites from the last week.

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Sunday was my 25th birthday..how I am already in my mid 20's, I'm not sure, but believe it or not, I am & I'm going to soak up every minute!

I spent the day with my Lynn-Mom, with Mady and her new boyfriend Daniel, joining us for church as well as lunch and shopping in the afternoon.  We've been church shopping for a month or two now and seem to have found at least a (temporary) new home. The music was wonderful, the message was one that I definitely could relate to and the friends that we went with are more like extended members of our family now. Lunch was at TGI Fridays where Mady and Daniel both spoiled me with presents, two new awesome shirts(including the one above), a wooden HOME sign where the O is a cutout of the shape of MN & a new coffee mug.  We then went browsing at TJ Maxx, Kirklands and concluded at HomeGoods. I found a new sign and then decided to pick out a coffee mug tree on Amazon for my presents from my Dad & Lynn-Mom, who also got me a new printer for school, so that was great.


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My new coffee nook is my next favorite of the week. Two of my birthday presents are on display here and I love this little area in my kitchen.  #coffeeismybloodtype


I'm attempting the #100dayproject for the second year, last year I kind of fizzled out about two weeks in, so we will see how I do this year! You can find my progress on IG under #meghananna100daysofbujo


Duncan Hines has these new desserts in a mug and they are AH-MAZING!* I bought three different kinds a couple weeks ago and they are a nice way to relax after getting done with work each night!

*Not getting paid to say that, I just love them. 

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