21 May 2015

I Believe.

I haven't done one of these types of posts in a while, so I thought it'd be fun to do one today!

I believe that I'm much nicer once I've had my coffee.

I believe my dogs are my babies & it's okay to spoil them as such.

I believe that if you have one person that you can tell everything to & they still love you and don't judge you, you are quite blessed. I have 2.

I believe sometimes all you need is someone to say I understand and I'm listening.

I believe that grandpas are the best people.

I believe good music can always turn a bad day around.

I believe that days off should be filled with reading good books as well as writing them.

I believe in supporting things that are important to me, such as this walk that my family and I are doing in support of my cousin Colton, if you feel so inclined to donate, you can click the word support and it'll send you to my donation page.

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