28 March 2014

Confessions of Moi.

I haven't confessed in way too long, so here it goes everyone!

I confess to saying y'all...even though I've never lived in a place where it was common practice.

I confess that I expected to have the family-like relationships with people at my new job, that I do at Walmart, even though I have been there for almost four years.

I confess that I am excited for work today, even though it's my ninth day in a row of eleven.  I get to work with my faves, which always makes me happy.

I confess that I finally saw Frozen last weekend and I LOVED it.

So what are your confessions?

26 March 2014

Finish This.

Linking up with some of my faves for their weekly Finish This prompt!

1. I know it's a little weird but... I'm very OCD about how I keep my cash drawer at work.  

2. When stopped at a stoplight, I... crank up the music and belt out whatever song is on the  radio.  & Snapchat.  

3. My guilty pleasure is... 1 clicking books on Amazon.  

4. My favorite way to unwind... is to write! 

22 March 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #10

I'm going prom dress shopping for Mady's dress this morning/afternoon, but before I do, I thought I'd pop in and share what my ears have been loving lately.

Later On//Swon Brothers

Wild Card//Hunter Hayes

Hunter releases his sophomore album May 6th and two weeks later, my husband Brantley Gilbert releases his new album!  

Also, what do you guys think of Jason Aldean dating the woman he publicly cheated on his wife with? 
My respect for him has tanked, I like his music a lot, but him as a person? Not so much.  

21 March 2014

Coffee Date!

I thought I'd take y'all on a coffee date today, where would you like to go? I got my iced caramel from Panera before I picked you up, so tell me where we are heading :D

Once we got to our final destination, a sunny park in Minnesota because on our make believe coffee date it's at least 60 degrees and snowless, we would start talking. 

I would tell you about how the world lost two great men that meant a lot to separate families that I'm close with.  Mady's grandpa passed away (the one we don't share obvi.) & my work momma's father-in-law passed away last week too, and how I am hurting and praying for both of them.  

I would tell you that I was not ashamed to shed tears when I had to say good-bye to one of the cashiers at work who's been with Walmart for the entire time I was there.  

I would tell you that I am loving my new job, even if I'm up at the butt crack of dawn most mornings.  

I would tell you that I'm excited for tomorrow, because yes, it will be almost an 18 hour day, but I get to see my work momma who has been gone for the last week because of the above.  

I would tell you about how excited I am that I got approved for my first apartment.  

& then I would ask you to please forgive me for the pictureless post.  Love you guys!
linking up with the wonderful alissa for her coffee date link-up! 

17 March 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #9

Well look who decided to show up for the party today! That'd be me, if you haven't had coffee yet ;)

Life's been a good crazy this last week or so, but I'm baaaaaaaaack!

A late version of Meghan's Mixtape for you guys! 

Unspoken//Who You Are

Tim McGraw//Don't Take the Girl

Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow//Picture 

08 March 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #8

Jake Worthington//Don't Close Your Eyes

Glen Templeton//Ball Cap

Big&Rich//Look at You

05 March 2014

I'm The Kinda Girl..

I saw this floating through blogland a week or so ago, but I was too busy to sit down and do it then, so I'm doing it now.  

I'm the kind of girl...

  • who loves her life and tries to remember how blessed she is each and every single day. 
  • that has a least favorite song instead of a favorite song, the song? Sold by John Michael Montgomery. 
  • the kind of girl who is blessed with three different moms, my real mom, my "fake" mom as people at work call my stepmomma as an inside joke and then my work momma Karen.  
a heart-to-heart with my work momma. 

  • who is more of a nightowl than a morning person, but is becoming more and more of a morning person.  
  • who loves her furbabies more than is probably healthy, but couldn't care less.
  • who has to listen to music while she showers otherwise she gets bored.  
  • who loves all country music, but believes 90s country is where her heart is.  
  • who relates everything in life to some sort of song, again, usually country. 
  • who believes that true love isn't romeo and juliet but grandma and grandpa growing old together.
  • who thinks that it's the coolest thing, like Jason Michael Carroll's song Where I'm From, her grandpa was quarterback of the football team and her grandma was homecoming queen. 
  • who is sarcastic. 
  • who loves to give people a hard time, but even more so, when they give her a hard time right back.  
  • who will tell you that she's the oldest of two, the oldest of four & the second of six.  And if Karen hears me say this, she'll add and the honorary youngest of three(meaning I'm her honorary youngest daughter.)
  • who drinks coffee like it's going out of style. 
  • Who is who she is, no regrets. 

Why This Girl Blogs..

Hi everybody, I'm Chloe, I'm sure Meghan has told you guys all about me right? 
But, I bet you are wondering why I'm here instead of Meghan, well she starts training for her new job today & she really loves this link-up, so I told her don't worry Meghan, I got you! 

So why does Meghan blog?  She blogs because she loves sharing her thoughts with people who she can actually communicate, because as much as me and my brother love listening to her talk about how much we are awesome and she loves us, she still hasn't learned to speak bark & we don't have opposable thumbs to use Rosetta Stone so therefore, she comes here to tell you all about how much we're awesome and how much she loves us.  Also to just be a part of what she says is an awesome community full of great women(and a few brave guys too!) 

She blogs because she loves to write.  She's always got her head bent down either writing in one of her million notebooks or she's typing away at either one of her works in progress.  . 

She blogs because she loves reading blogs.  She loves sharing in your lives as much as she hopes you love sharing in hers.  

She blogs because she likes having something that's all her own. Each of her siblings have their something and she found her something with this blog and she loves you guys, so thank you for letting her do that.  

And she told me that I had to post this button at the bottom of the post, so here's where I tell you to link-up with her friends Lauren and Hayley.  

Girl Between the Lines Link up

**she would also like me to add that Samantha is having a giveaway to benefit the ivy moment and you guys should go check it out! 

04 March 2014

Fill in the Blank.

I shamelessly stole this from Kristine, hope that's okay girl :)

I was... up til 2:30 reading Molly McAdams' newest book, and you should definitely check it out, I'll have my review up on Friday! 
I am... sipping coffee, catching up on my favorite shows & my favorite blogs.  
I think... oversized hoodies are the perfect thing to cuddle up in and a pair of yoga pants.  
I wonder... how I'm going to do when I have to be at work by 5 am. Yeah, training at my new job tomorrow.  I'll be training the next three days 5am to 9am. I'm really excited to see where God takes me with this one.  
I wish...I could have an unlimited book budget. 
I save... cards that people have sent me, old text messages that mean a lot to me and old hoodies.  
I always...try to laugh more than I cry, smile more than I frown and lift up more than I bring down.  
I can't imagine... what I'd do without my best friends.  
I believe... the little moments make the biggest memories.  
I promise... to be authentic.
I love... my dogs! 

01 March 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #7

I don't know why I love this music video of his so much, but it's probably my favorite of his.  I love how good-looking he is in it, that probably has something to do with it!

She Wouldn't Be Gone//Blake Shelton

This is one of the songs that I'm using in my book, as one of my main couple's songs.

Miranda Lambert//Makin' Plans

Would you look at that? Somehow Blake ended up twice in one post.  He's my number two country husband right behind Brantley Gilbert and right before my girl Lora's numero uno Luke Bryan.

Blake Shelton//Doing What She Likes

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