13 May 2015

Best Friend Diaries-May.

As a single girl, I've always wanted to participate in a boy behind the blog link-ups that are around blog land, but I didn't have a boy, so when Kelly & Jen announced the Best Friend Diaries Link-Up I was excited, because I may not have a boy, but I do have a best friend, you all know her as Jayme :) 

1 | Give us your back story. How did you and your blogger meet?
We actually met on an old journaling website towards the end of high school. We stumbled across each other's "diaries" and read them for a while. Then one day I started getting some hateful notes on my post and Meghan stepped up to defend me. We've been inseparable ever since!

2 | Share your favorite picture of the two of you.
First night we met, Shotgun Bettys! 

3 | What keeps your friendship going?
Lots of text messages, coffee, books, and Grey's dates!

4 | Describe your blogger in one word.
 Compassionate. She really, truly cares about people (and animals)

5 | Describe your friendship in a song
 I'll Be There For You by The Remembrandts. Yes, that's right. I went there

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