25 October 2012

It's Okay..

It's Okay

...to cry when you hear hard news..

..to love wearing your cowboy boots, because they are so comfy!

...to be counting down til December, because that's when your grandparents will be back in MN!

...to scream like you are five when you watch your dad carry a mouse out of the downstairs bathroom.

...to turn down $10 to get rid of a mouse and instead say I'll call my Grandpa!

...to not like this snow that is falling, I want my fall back!

Its Ok Thursdays

18 October 2012

It's Okay!

It's Okay....

-to cry thinking that you only have four days left with your grandparents before they leave for Arizona and you'll be out of town for three of those days, so you're soaking up as much time with them as possible!

-to finally have jumped on the May Books bandwagon. Hopefully I use it more than my Erin Condren one!

-to laugh hysterically when your Grandpa demonstrates how to eat coffee cake, because apparently there is a right and a wrong way..who knew?

-to miss your dogs more than your parents while they are hunting on the Canadian border

-to also laugh hysterically at Michelle's blog, You're My Favorite Today!

-to complain about wishing you had a boyfriend to dance with, so your grandma comes and dances with you to George Strait's You Look So Good In Love.  

-to be excited because your momma offered to pay for your George Strait tickets as your Christmas present.

-to be quite upset that you haven't seen your favorite supervisor at work in almost three weeks, and you just wanna give her a hug!  

So what's Okay with you today??

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Its Ok Thursdays

17 October 2012


So, I've never shared a group of my Instapics before, so I thought late night today would be a good time as any haha.
                                             -1-                                             -2-


4                      5

1- Lynn&Grandma way back when//2-Cooper cuddling on top of me.  I love him.//3-My fave pic of Chloe that I've taken.//4. Mady and Katrina holding their bag together. They are a little special.//5. Ryan posing in JoAnn Fabrics while waiting for Mady&Grandma. 

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15 October 2012

This Is It.

These are the kind of days I live for. Wearing my yogas and my hoodie, jotting down memories of a Sunday morning/early afternoon gone by Yesterday, yesterday was a classic good Meghan and Mady day, we decided Saturday night in the middle of DQ(Mady works there, so we're not completely crazy!) to do a double dip at church. Double Dip(n.)-- Go to the Crossing service at 10:00 to listen to how we were destined to reign & go to Riverside 12:05 service & learn about lost people. & then we decided we were gonna go to Caribou between the two. My Grandma then said why don't you come over & I'll fix you breakfast & make you coffee & then you won't have to spend money. We agreed. Sunday morning rolls around, I'm running a little behind schedule, I got in the shower a little late, but anywhos, run through Jeff & Karin's yard and jump a little bit in the leaves(hello 5 at heart!), eat our breakfast of eggs and sausage and toast, listen to my grandparents reminisce about their high school days(yes, they were high school sweethearts), they went to a private Catholic high school downtown St. Paul & their 50th reunion was this Friday night. After breakfast, we headed to the Crossing which was awesome, and then we did end up going to Caribou, I know shame shame on us! Then it was time for Riverside, which was also good, but holy hyper Mady was! *poke poke poke* all she did to me the entire service. So what did we learn on Sunday? 1) It's not okay to shoot your grandma(that's what Pastor Eric told us), to which my Grandpa then responded when we told him this, what about grandpa? 2) Zacheus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he. 3) For the love of everything, don't give Mady more than one cup of coffee! Today was spent in school and lazing around the house. All right, I'm out for the night! <3

11 October 2012

It's Okay!

I haven't linked up to this wonderful shindig in wayyyy too long, so here I am! 

It's Okay....
Its Ok Thursdays
-That I'm turning in to a grammar nazi.  My biggest pet peeve?  The your/you're difference! It's really not that hard people!  If you don't know your grammar, chances are, I'm probably thinking you're not the brightest #thetruthhurts

-to not like a person and not have a reason not to like them.  Everybody has that one person, right?

-to realize that the two above statements make me sound like I'm a brat, but I'm really not! Promise!

-to be EXTREMELY excited about seeing George Strait and his W's in 127 days.  

-to be sad that I didn't get to say good-bye to my dog before my dad and brother took him hunting #crazydogladyproblems

-to be excited that I have nothing I have to absolutely do today.

-to wear footie pj's even though you are 20 and not 5.

So what's okay with you today?  

09 October 2012

I Would Rather...

I would rather....

have love over money.

have a few best friends instead a large group of okay friends.

have dogs than cats

go to the orthodontist over the dentist

fly than drive

read a book instead of go out to the clubs.

have Starbucks over Caribou, but I like them both.

tweet than facebook.

be happy instead of worrying about everything.  

see George Strait in concert than Justin Bieber.  

have lots of brothers and sisters instead of be an only child!

So tell me one I would rather statement about YOU!

01 October 2012

It's October.

How it's October, I'm not quite possible, but I'm not complaining! I love this time of year!  Anywho, I didn't really have anything overly important to write about today, so I thought I would do a little grab bag of sorts :) 

-one- Mady & I spent the morning, early afternoon together yesterday, and it was amazing to have some sista time!  I miss that when she's constantly hanging out with her friends!  We went to Caribou, church and then to the outlets for some sister shopping!  We both found stuff we la-la-la-loved, so we left happy.  I'll be sharing about my awesome customer service at a certain store tomorrow! 

-two- I'm loving this cooler weather(other than Wed) Minnesota has been experiencing, what I'm not loving? The fact that the high for later in the week is in the FORTIES!  That's craziness right there. 

-three- 90's country is always playing in my ears! It's my most listened to Pandora Station by far & I am obsessed. 

-four- I am sponsoring some sweet ladies & an awesome guy this month!  Becky, Kate, Aly, Neely, Jess & Nathan

-five- I am also offering sponsor swaps again this month, and if you wanna get in on that sweet deal, head over to this page! 

-six- I'm taking my driver's test either tomorrow or Wednesday, so good vibes for that would be ahmazing!   I'm so ready! 

-seven- I wanna know more about you!  Will you tell me more here

-eight- linking up with the lovely Meg for Mingle Monday! Go join the party! 

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