08 February 2012

If We're Gonna Be BFF's

That's my real life BFF up there, & no not my dog lol.

I thought I would write a little something like something I've seen on other blogs around these parts.

It's called If We're Gonna Be BFF's, you're going to have to know a few things and accept a few things about me!

You're gonna have to understand that I speak my mind, more than I probably should.
That I'm very opinionated and passionate about the things I believe in. Most of all, Jesus.
That I'm very loyal, I will have your back until you screw me over. Then I will forgive you, but I don't forget very easily.
If we're gonna be BFF's, you're going to have to accept that I have a love for country music and cowboys & that I may be a little boy crazy.
If we're gonna be BFF's you'll learn that I have a chocolate & Dew addiction.
You'll soon find that I love my puppy dog lots.
If we're gonna be bff's you'll learn that my biggest guilty pleasure is Days of Our Lives, and I have no problems with it :)
If we're gonna be bff's, you will figure out how important my family is to me.
So do you wanna be best friends forever? el oh el.
What do I need to know about you to be your bff?


  1. I think I might have to start recording Days of Our Lives while I'm at work so it can be one of my guilty pleasures too. I used to watch it ALL the time in high school and college during summers. Then life and jobs happened and I just sort of stopped. But I always kind of wonder what they're all up to in Salem ;-)

  2. you'd hafta put up with my brownie obsession ;)

    Love your blog!! Now following you..follow me back?! (:

  3. Aww. Love your blog and your recent BFF post! Life is full of guilty pleasures :)

  4. I love this, such a fun idea! I love that you are unashamed of your guilty pleasure. I know mine is Watching Dr. Phil....every day. It's a must.

  5. I love your BFF post! I came by from TYD and wanted to introduce myself! Looking forward to getting to know you!!


  6. We're like the same person! So of course I want to be you BFF! Cute blog :)

  7. great post! shared this! https://www.facebook.com/pages/From-Mrs-to-Mama/10150096306020651


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