29 October 2015

Winter 2015 Book Challenge-The Prelims.

So this is either my second or third time attempting a Book Challenge, I'm hoping this time is the time I succeed :)

All of these books, except 1 are new reads to me! 

5 points: Read a book that has between 100 and 200 pages//The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans
10 points: Read a debut book by any author. (The book does not have to be a 2015 debut.)//True Spirit by Jessica Watson. 
10 points: Read a book that does not take place in your current country of residence//Second Honeymoon by James Patterson
10 points: Read a book that someone else has already used for the challenge. — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher Kristen @ See You in a Porridge[Edited to add: The book must be at least 200 pages long.]// TBD
15 points: Read a book published under a pseudonym (e.g. Robert Galbraith, Sara Poole, J.D. Robb, Franklin W. Dixon, Mark Twain, etc.). — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher Megan M.//Probably going to use the first book in J.D. Robb's In Death series for this! 
15 points: Read a book with “boy,” “girl,” “man” or “woman” in the title (or the plural of these words)//The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
15 points: Read a book with a one-word title (e.g. AttachmentsAmericanahUgliesWild, etc.)//Crank by Ellen Hopkins
20 points: Read a book with a person's first and last name in the title (e.g. The Storied Life of A.J. FikryThe Story of Edgar Sawtelle)//Lance Armstrong's War by Daniel Coyle
20 points: Read a food-themed book. — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher Jamie @ Whatever I Think Of!//Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.
20 points: Read a book with a verb in the title. (For any grammar nerds out there, I mean “verb” in the most general sense, so gerunds count. For non-grammar-inclined people, just use any book that appears to have a verb in the title!)//Save Me by Lisa Scottoline
30 points: Read two books with the same title (by different authors). — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher bevchen @ Confuzzledom[Edited to add: The titles must be the SAME save for alternate spellings. For example, The Alchemist and Alchemist would be two different titles and would not work for the challenge, but The Alchemist and The Alchemyst would work.]//I just changed my mind at the last minute with these ones, but I'm going to go with The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks and The Guardian by Katie Klein, because my first pick one of the titles had a subtitle! The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks is the only one that will be a reread for me! 
30 points: Read a nonfiction book and a fiction book about the same subject (e.g. a biography and historical fiction novel about the same person; two books about a specific war or event; a nonfiction book about autism and a novel with a character who has autism, etc. The possibilities are endless!). [Edited to add: This one is very broad! Just have fun with it!]//Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn & The Deadly Game by Catherine Crier.  Same subject is going to be the disappearance of a loved one.  

Thoughtful Thursday.

Whoa. I've written two days in a row. & three times within the last week. WHO AM I?  I've missed writing. & the words have been coming better lately, so I'll take it!

This is my first time linking up with Kelly for thoughtful Thursdays & today's edition is going to be a lot of my random thoughts that I've had in the last week or so...

So my youngest brother Ryan is 9 years younger than I am, and I realized that if he follows into his parents footsteps(my Lynn-Mom and Dad's) and he marries someone that is 8 years younger than him, like my Dad, my hypothetical future sister-in-law would be young enough to be my daughter. This one popped into my brain as I was walking to work Tuesday.

Also can someone please explain to me how I lost my glasses in a span of four hours Saturday night? I was at work, my apartment, B-Dubs & my parents house, I CANNOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE! Thank goodness I kept my old pair but still!

I had a great time running up comments on one of my old statuses with Jayme last night, thank you to facebook memories for showing me an old status that made me laugh after a crazy few days at work.

I'm the youngest at the service desk right? Well when a customer doesn't believe me, they will ask one of my older coworkers who have less service desk experience and we always back one another up, but they still ask and they still get the same answer.  But it happened in reverse the other day and it kind of made me feel good, even though I obviously didn't give in to the customer.  Karen told a customer no and they didn't believe her & so they came to me and I'm like NOPE!

I had to more to say I believe, but do you think I can remember it? HA.

28 October 2015

What's Up Wednesday?

What I'm eating this week:

I probably have mentioned it quite often here on the blog, but I'm very spoiled and blessed by my work family. Well, my friend Michelle brought me in some homemade tuna salad & my work momma is always bringing me homemade leftovers & I've been promised a Taco Johns date tomorrow afternoon since it's been too long since our last one. Also my friend Baillie and I are going over to one of our other coworker's house for dinner tomorrow night, so I'm eating pretty good.    

What I'm Reminiscing About:
The fact that summer is most definitely over up here in good ol' Minnesota, we've got the dreaded S-word in the forecast for tonight into tomorrow, but back up into the 60s next week they tell me sooo, I guess I can't complain too much.  

What I'm Loving:
My new morning routine that I've started this week. I get my coffee started, do my quiet time, doctor up my coffee & then sit down to read blogs.  I'm loving that I start my day out with God & that I'm sticking with it. I know it's only three days in so far, but I'm sad to say, this is the longest I've stuck with a concentrated effort to spend time in the Word consistently & routinely. 

What I've been up to:
We are in the middle of a remod at work and it's starting to wrap itself up, I'm definitely enjoying my new work digs. I finished my binge of Blue Bloods about a week ago and it's definitely made it's way onto my favorites list, not quite at an Army Wives level of love, but close! Also prepping for NaNoWriMo! 

What I'm dreading:
That I'll more than likely have to work on Black Thursday. Yes, it's not even Black Friday to me anymore.  It's quite frustrating but I digress. 

What I'm working on:
At the moment? This blog post haha. But I'm working out some details for my NaNo novel and compiling a playlist for the  month.  

What I'm excited about:
Seeing my coworker that Baillie and I are having dinner with tomorrow night! It's been over three months. 

What I'm watching/reading:
Blue Bloods, Scandal, Grey's & The Voice are my top watches at the moment. Ending my nights with a few Army Wives clips because I may be a tad obsessed. For whatever reason I can't get into How to Get Away with Murder this season.  & reading? What's that. I can't remember the last book I read.  Which is depressing to me. 

What I'm listening to:
My collect-all current faves playlist on Spotify.  

What I'm wearing:
My favorite sweats that my Lynn-Mom made me(she didn't actually make them, but she does screen-printing on the side & I get the throwaways, that still are functional but customers won't buy them.)

What I'm doing this weekend:
Working. & getting ready to start NaNo on Sunday! 

What I'm looking forward to next month:
THANKSGIVING. Even if I'm going to have to work it, it is what it is :) 

What else is new:
Not much. The above pretty much sums it up!
Linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday! 

23 October 2015

Pumpkin Spice Spiked Sugar Cookie Coffee.

That's what I'd be having if we were having a real life coffee date, what I just finished before starting this post, it tasted amazing if you were curious, but let's get to our virtual coffee date shall we?

If we were having a coffee date, the biggest thing I would be eager to share is that I am no longer a brace face! After 4+ years, I have a brace-free mouth and it's exhilarating!

I'd share with you how awesome our remodel at work is going--at least our service desk area is looking pretty awesome, customers are still adjusting to the rest of the store, but it's looking great!

I'd probably reminisce that a year ago I was seeing Brantley Gilbert with my best friend, and today I have to work, but wish I was hanging out with Jayme & BG again!

I'd also tell you how awesome it is that my favorite aunt and uncle are celebrating 22 years of marriage today and I'd brag that I was the cutest flower girl ever all those years ago.

I'd admit that I was a little scared when I was down in the ER two times in one weekend at the beginning of the month with what I thought was shunt issues but happened to only be a bug that everyone had at work within a few days.  I'm not looking forward to paying those bills but yay for it being something so little and not shunt-related like I had feared.

But enough about me, what would you share on a coffee date?

linking up with Jenna for her coffee-date linkup! 

07 October 2015

I Confess..

I confess that I've been in a rut lately, blogging rut, reading rut, Instagram rut. But I've been enjoying my non-internet life for the most part, so I guess that's a plus?

I confess that I miss blogging and reading, but don't know exactly how to jumpstart myself back into either one of these favorite things of mine. Hopefully this post will spur me on to write more. I miss putting my thoughts out to the world wide web. My blog is my safe place where I can word vomit & just be me, even if I may get judged for it. My blog will more than likely never one I can quit and do full-time, and that's absolutely fine with me. I love it as my online journal slash scrapbook.

I confess that I need to make more time to actually write. I keep telling myself and others I want to write books, but so far I'm all talk with a few words scribbled here and there. I'll get there.

I confess that I watched almost a full season of Blue Bloods yesterday on Netflix.  The show has got me addicted; hook, line and sinker. I just can't seem to watch the police funeral scenes, it hits too close to home with me.  Also, one of my new favorite quotes comes from this show...Better be judged by 12, than carried by 6.

I confess that I'm kind of nervous to go back to work today, I haven't worked a full shift since Friday, I left early both Saturday & Sunday with what I thought were shunt issues, but just happened to be a virus.

I confess that there is nothing worse for me than feeling helpless when my work momma is hurting.

One last confession, I ate 12 Kings Hawaiian rolls in the last 48 hours. Most of them being within a 24 hour period. Yet, I have somehow lost 5 pounds unintentionally since I had my ear infection back in late August.

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