01 June 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up.

This weekend I actually did something worth blogging about, so here goes nothing!

Friday, I only worked til 8, my g-rents picked me up, then we headed to the middle school to pick up my younger cousin and one of his friends from their end of the year dance. This was where we taught my grandma the beauty of text lingo. She was trying to type out never mind and it was taking her FOR-EVER, so my cousin K finally said, Grandma just type NVM. She's like ohhhh & he was like yeah, much easier right?

Saturday was the walk in honor of my cousin Colton, and it was a little chilly to start out with & there were tears as each team shared why they were there. It warmed up nicely and it was a great walk. I spent some time in the back of our team's pack with my lynn-mom and dad, but then ended the walk up near my grandma and grandpa.  Dilly bars were ate at the end of the walk & then we made the trek home. There were lots of laughs on the way home, as usual when my dad and grandpa get together. I was crying so hard I was laughing most of the way home.  We got home early afternoon, then my grandma, lynn-mom and I went to pick out flowers, & we were successful. I love spending time with them, even they drive me nuts sometimes, I would be so lost without them. We dropped my grandma off & then we went to church with my sister. It was a great message about Jesus being the People Mover.  We headed over to the g-rents once we got home, where my grandma had angel food cake waiting for us & where my grandpa and lynn taught me it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way.

Sunday was church again at my home church with the g-rents, lynn-mom & I. Lynn & I then went grocery & more flower shopping before I had to go to work. Work was crazy, but I survived & now it's surging forward into now only a new week, but a new month. Let's make it a good one!

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