27 April 2012

Crap Mady Says #2

It's Friday! Which means the weekend starts and Crap Mady Says is on this blog =]

I'm making a button for these posts and it will debut next week!

Mady: Is there such thing as a peeing disorder?
Me: Yeah, it's called overactive bladder.

& this one was from a few months ago when we were discussing her test grades for math and science.
Mady: I got an A on my math test, but I failed my science test.
Me: Good job on the math test, sucks about science.
Mady: Yeah I know. I'm gonna be an ultrasound tech, so I don't need science
Me: Yes you do!
Mady: Nuh uh, you just wave the wand like this *hand motions* ooh a baby *more hand motions* oooh another baby. 
Me: You do realize there are more ultrasounds than just ones for babies right?

She cracks me up that sister of mine!

& because I haven't done it in a while, I'm opening the floor for you all to ask me anything you'd like!!

I'll let you ask over the weekend, and post my answers Monday or Tuesday :D

20 April 2012

Crap Mady Says v1

So as I said in my Best Friends post, I'm starting a weekly feature known as Crap Mady says, and this is week 1!
This was after me singing:
Meghan: Liiiiife's a dance you learn as you goooooo
Mady: Don't sing, you just killed all the penguins in Alaska
Meghan: Hmmph. 
Mady: Life's a dance you learn as you gooooooooo!
Meghan: Oh cause you know the penguins love your voice.
Mady: They're dead, they don't know if they love it or not!

& this was about a month ago when she was complaining about being tired:

Mady : I'm tired.
Meghan: Go to bed.
Mady: Do you wanna get beat?
Meghan: Just trying to help

Hope you guys were able to get a laugh out of this like I did! 

14 April 2012

Best Friends.

My dad and stepmom got married when I was 9.  I just turned 20 on the second, two days later, it was their eleventh wedding anniversary, so I've been "putting up" with Mady for at least that long, more like 12 years.  We tolerated each other for the first few years of their marriage.  Now I consider her my best friend.  


She quickly began to tower over me,  & therefore, I wasn't able to pick on her....too much at least.
That doesn't mean I didn't try though.  I remember one of the weekends I was at my dad's, before we began renting our basement out,  we were downstairs arguing who was going to shower first.  Now mind you, we had 2 showers, so we could both shower at the same time, but we were arguing over at it, so I must have pinched her or something, so she pinched me back, and then gave me my favorite scar, my alien smiley face.  She pinched me so hard, it left a half moon/smiley face shaped scar.  Then a few years I got a mole above it, making it an alien smily face!

Ever since we can remember, we've been grouped together, "the girls", even though we have two brothers, they've never been "the boys", not nearly as much as we've been the girls.


Unless one of us is at work, you 99% of the time won't find one of us without the other.  We're each other's best friend and at times worst enemy.  We can fight with the best of them, but we know we both have the others back and that we can be 100% honest with each other.


I call her Princess, because she expects to be waited on hand and foot and I just started calling her it within the last year, and it just stuck.  She's been my Pause, my Dumbnut, my Kissimmee, & I've been her Legs, her Dipstick, and her Steve.  She's my sister for life & best friend forever.


I love her to pieces, and couldn't imagine my life without her!


She is blonde, and definitely can fit into the stereotypical "dumb blonde" role quite well, and
sometimes I think she plays it up, anywho, this can lead to some quite interesting conversations.

So starting next Friday, I'm gonna have a weekly feature here called "Crap My Sister Says"

It's gonna show off some of our funny conversations and just stupidity that can be our friendship/sisterhood sometimes :)

09 April 2012

Dear Monday!


Linking up with Megan to write some Monday letters

Dear Monday,  You were nice to me this week, thank you, and no that does not mean you can be bad next week! 

Dear Mady, You can come home at any time now, because I really miss you, however, I kinda hijacked your bed, and don't really wanna give it up.

Dear Easter, You were really awesome this year, I loved remembering Jesus' sacrifice for us all, and church yesterday was amazing, I'll be recapping you tomorrow!

Dear Cooper, You are such a good cuddle buddy, but laying almost right on top of me? Not necessary, also not necessary? Barking when no one is at the door.  Freaks a girl out when she's half asleep.  

Dear Blog, I like that I'm writing in you more, gonna try and keep that up k? K.  

Alright everybody, I'll be back tomorrow for my Easter recap :) 

03 April 2012

Birthday Weekend =]

I had a really good weekend with my Mom for my birthday.  She picked me up on Thursday night after work, and I stayed until Monday morning.

Friday, my mom and stepdad took me out to Chili's for lunch.  I love me some Chilis.  It was really good, and we played hangman until our food came, it was simple, but it was fun.  After Chili's, we dropped my stepdad off at home, and we went to Target where we sat for an hour and a half deciding which pictures we wanted to get printed...we need to do it more often, because my mom only got a fifth of the way through her pictures on one of her memory cards.  I picked out my birthday presents, I got the first season of the big bang theory, if you don't watch it, why the heck not? I got What Women Want which is a movie that is one of my faves, it has Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt in it, I got a scrapbook and some scrapbooking paper :) We went home and organized more pictures, staying up til like 1 am, yeah we're crazy :D

Saturday, I hung out with one of my high school friends Hannah, we went to the mall, Target and Barnes and Noble.  At the mall, we went to Icing and I got my ears repierced :) After the mall, I went home, relaxed a little bit, and then went to see The Hunger Games with my stepsister Becky and our younger sister Olivia, LOVED it! I need to finish reading the books now, which is really backwards for me, usually, I'll read the books, and then go see the movie.  After that, I opened my presents that I mentioned earlier, and then I watched What Women Want until I fell asleep.  

Sunday, I woke up, we had an early lunch, and then my mom and I went and scrapbooked all day with one of our family friends.  It was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again, we were laughing, and having a really great time.  I got home around 11, watched part of the race and went to bed.  

Monday(my b-day!), I woke up and watched the ACM's, wish Blake Shelton would have won Entertainer of the Year, but oh well, he still won Male Vocalist :D after the ACM's, my mom dropped me off with my dad and Lynn, and they dropped me off at school.  Went to class, and then celebrated my birthday at Outback with the fam, and then headed home and had a nice heart-to-heart with Lynn and then went to bed. 

Today has been a nice mostly day off, I don't head into work until 6:30.  Class tomorrow again.  

Have a great Tuesday everybody!  

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