31 May 2012

It's Okay

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It's Okay...

  • to have two posts in one day, scroll down to see my birthday message to my awesomesauce stepmom.
  • to be proud of myself for posting every day this week except Monday
  • to let you know that Trish is giving away a $25 Starbucks card
  • to be excited for what's in store for the blog in June, I'm sponsoring some pretty awesome blogs, so we shall see what happens!
  • to have a very specific routine in the shower(get hair wet, put in shampoo, shave, rinse 'poo, condition, body wash, wash out conditioner)
  • to enjoy having three days off in a row and not want to go back to work tonight.
  • to not read 50 shades of grey because of a few blog posts that I read this week.  
So what's okay with you this week?  

Last Day of May!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my wonderful stepmomma! 
It's her birthday today! 
I've written about her a few times in guest posts, here and here, if you are interested, but I've never really wrote about her on my own blog.  
Well let me tell you about this wonderful woman ok? OK! 

Her and my Dad were married when I was 9, so they just celebrated their 11th anniversary(2 days after I turned 20!)

I didn't like her at all when I first met her, but boy has that changed!  
She's my best friend.  I can tell her anything and everything.  She is here for me thick & thin, and an all around awesome woman. 

She's the one that brought me to know Jesus & she is the one I look up to for an example of a Godly woman.  
Her smile lights up the room & her laugh is infectious, and she is so great with kids!

She's helped me through my worst days & I honestly can't imagine my life without her!  

Mom and I Graduation
So Mom(yes I call her Mom!), thank you for being you, thank you for loving me and loving my Dad through everything.  I hope you and Dad have a great time tonight at the casino & I hope you have an awesome birthday!
Love you lots!

29 May 2012

Speed Date Me!


I'm a Christian.  I chose Jesus when I was 12 and he has been my rock through everything. 

I'm a little quiet until I get to know you, then I wear my heart on my sleeve. 

I'm uber Conservative, most of my friends are liberal, and I love them all the same! 

You are more likely to find me curled up in a mess of blankets with a good book or watching a good tv show then you are to find me out on the town.

I'm saving my first kiss for marriage. 
I'm extremely loyal to my friends and family.  & I believe family trumps everything except my faith. 

You will find my Pandora Radio full of country music with a side of contemporary Christian music.

I can be very obnoxious at times, and my sister, Mady, seems to bring this side out in me :D

I  am a NASCAR fan, and I root for Hendrick Motorsports and Carl Edwards!

So what would I learn if I were to go on a speed date with you?

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08 May 2012

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes: I really want a new blog design from Jenn!(Actually that's more like an always right now!)
Always: I enter every giveaway she is a part of! 

A Complete Waste of Makeup

Sometimes: I don't want to take the effort to straighten my hair
Always: I love how it turns out! 

Sometimes: Mady is a drama queen and drives me batty!
Always: Mady makes me laugh.

Sometimes: I don't really like re-sheeting my bed after washing my sheets.
Always: I love sleeping on clean sheets

Sometimes: Emily gives away a Target Giftcard
Always: I love free money to spend at Target! 

07 May 2012

Miscellaneous Monday!

So I've got lots of little tidbits to share with you guys today!  

Army Wives last night! Craziness right? I love how the relationship between Frank and Denise has grown and change over the years.  *SPOILERS* The reunion of Michael and Claudia Joy? Amazing.  They are probably my favorite couple! I really hope David's father doesn't try and cause trouble for Roland and Joan, and the fall of Jackie Clarke, it was kind of nice to see after she was so vindictive to Claudia Joy!

Are you a Minnesota blogger?  Come join our community! It's the brainchild of Kelly and I love the fact that I can find people who love and enjoy MN as much as I do!  


One of my best friends ever Jayme is on a mission to get down to Florida to attend the To Write Love on Her Arms summer conference to meet Jamie, the founder & meet other chapters!  You should check out her blog and her donation site

My weekend was good.  Packed with homework and work like usual, but it was relaxing in a weird sort of way.  Went to starbucks for the first time in forever last night with Mady.  Started re-reading the Bridal Quartet series by Nora Roberts, love love love.  Which brings me to my next point.

Are you on Goodreads? Are we friends? Let's be friends! I love new book buddies!  Jayme has put me into high gear reading addiction mode and I can't get enough books in my hands fast enough!

Like my design? Want to get one of your own? Head over to Neely's blog and enter her giveaway!

I updated my 101 list, go check it out!

Have you checked out my awesome sponsors on my sidebar yet? What are you waiting for? 

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01 May 2012

Blood Isn't Everything.

My dad and step-mom Lynn have been married for 11 years plus a few weeks, and Lynn's parents live two houses away. 

It's somewhat documented on the blog here, just how much Lynn's parents, my grandparents mean to me.

I don't know when or how we became so close, it just happened over time, & I know some people don't understand that I can be so close to them when I'm not "technically" related to them, but that's okay. 

I remember being younger and we all went on a skiing trip and to visit my aunt and uncle in Colorado and my Grandma and I hung out in the chalet because I didn't want to go and she was watching my brother Ryan who was too young to be out on the slopes still, she asked me how I saw her or what I wanted to call her, she said I know I'm Mady's grandma, but you can call me Grandma or you can call me Carol, it's up to you.  It made me happy that I could call her Grandma if I wanted to, but wasn't pressured to. 

I have been blessed having them so close, because growing up both sets of my "real" grandparents lived at least two hours away, so we didn't see them more than once every couple of months. 

I think when we really started getting close was after my Grandpa was diagnosed with mouth cancer the fall of my freshman year.  I remember finding out like it was yesterday.  The night before, we had cleaned out our downstairs toy/collect all closet and my Grandma said she would take us out for ice cream for a reward.  Not just any ice cream,  but Coldstone, and it was going to be my first time going, so I was all in.

The next day after church, we all piled in our car and went and got ice cream and Grandma came along as well, I remember Mady wanted to ride home with my Grandma, but my Grandma told us we had better go with our mom.  So we said okay, and on the way to drop me off,  Lynn dropped it on us, she told us our Grandpa had mouth cancer.  I had just lost my real mom's dad unexpectedly less than a month before and now one of my other Grandpas had mouth cancer, why. God, why?

Ever since then, I have considered my Grandpa my hero and I believe he hung the moon!
My grandparents are everything I strive to be, they love God, each other, their kids, their grandkids and I just can't adequately put into words how much they mean to me and how thankful they have accepted me into their lives and hearts.

I honestly can't wait for them to come home from Arizona, I miss them like crazy!

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