26 February 2014

I Never Had a Big Sister...

but if I did, I'd want her to be like Lora from Heart of Life. We "met" online probably about four or five years ago, and she's always been someone I could go to for good, solid Bible-based advice.

We have gotten really really close this last six months and we are trying to plan a trip to Nashville together so we can go to the Bluebird Cafe and hopefully find two goodlooking country singers to fall in love with ;)

She's someone I know I can talk to about just about anything in the world and not get judged, just like a real big sister.

It's always good to have your person and I definitely think Lora is mine.

Heart of Life

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22 February 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #6

After a two-week (unplanned) hiatus, Meghan's Mixtape is back!

Kyle Kupecky//Give You The World.

Fun fact: This is Karen Kingsbury's son-in-law!  He is married to the Baxter Family author's oldest daughter Kelsey!

When I Said I Do//Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma//Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

11 February 2014

The Truth.

Sorry for the blog absence, it definitely wasn't planned, but the following may explain why I've been gone the last almost week...

I have been living a lie for the last thirteen months in real life. I told my parents that I was still in school for court reporting, then had an internship for court reporting, then got a job offer for court reporting down at the federal court house down in Minneapolis.

Why did I do it? It was only supposed to be one small lie, that I was in a faster speed class and then it just got bigger and bigger and it just snowballed. The first lie was I was still in school and the reason I made that one? Because at the time I didn't think I was strong enough if I told my parents that I didn't want to continue with court reporting and they said that I should continue on, I wouldn't be able to tell them no. That it wasn't what I wanted.

I finally came clean to my parents on Wednesday and I'm happy that it's out but at the same time, I'm in the everyone's hurt and disappointed and I'm having to make a lot of amends stage and it sucks.

I'm telling you guys I'm sorry and asking for forgiveness as well, because I know I haven't been truthful about my school and career here either.

What are my plans now you may ask? Well I want to get into management and possibly franchise my own coffee shop or little restaurant. So I have applied to Caribou Coffee, Panera Bread & then a froyo place called Cherry Berry, I'm really hoping I get an interview at Cherry Berry, because they have the best options for my plans and dreams. I'm not opposed to moving away either, as I was tell several people yesterday, I would miss my family something fierce, but I'M A PEACOCK YA GOTTA LET ME FLY! (that is totally a movie quote btdubs) and I've got severe wanderlust.

All of this said, I strive to learn from my experience and I will grow from this and already have.  I want to be the best person I can be and hope you all understand.

Please don't be too hard on me.

Love to you all!


05 February 2014

My Prince Charming.

I am single.  I have been on one "date" in all of my existence.  I don't even know if you could call it a date, because we went with his younger brother & his girlfriend.  I call it a date because he paid.  I call it not a date because he called it hanging out.  We work together.  Anyways, all of this non-dating & watching both my younger brother and sister go through relationships and being observant of my dad and Lynn's marriage along with my mom and Curt's has helped me see what I do and don't want in my future husband.  Oh yeah, I'm one of those crazy people who want to date one guy and just be done with it.  Yes, that's a little sarcasm for your Wednesday morning :)

First things first, he has to love Jesus more than he loves me.  I want a guy who puts his faith in God first, me second & his children third.

Second, he has to be honest.  I want to know I can trust him & that he's not going to lie to me.  

Next, I want a guy that can laugh with me.  I have a weird sense of humor at time and find the weirdest things wildly hilarious.  If you can't laugh at me and yourself, we aren't going to work out.  

I want a man that understands the value of not only our little family, but the families that we both came from.  If you've learned anything from this blog it should be how much I love my family.  I honestly can't see myself marrying a man who doesn't place that same importance on his family.  

He has to like country music.  This is a more fun non-negotiable for me.  

So what is one thing you need in a significant other? Let me know! 

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04 February 2014

Ten Favorite Things.

Endlessly BeLoved

So I don't have a "special someone" but I decided to do my ten favorite things about a very special guy in my life, my Grandpa.  

(one) his faith.  he has the strongest faith of anyone I know, and call me weird, but I love listening to him pray.  
(two) his love for my grandma. it will be 47 years in June that they've been married, and yes, they have their squabbles, but the way he shows his love for her, it shows me that there are still good guys left in this world, although my Grandma always tells me that I will never find another guy like my grandpa.  

(three) his love for his family. He would do just about anything for his kids and his grandkids & he is such a great dad and grandpa.  

(four) he knows how to have fun. if I were to tell you some of the adventures he's been on, you'd think I was talking about a man at least half his age, he's going to be 70 at the end of this year, and doesn't act a day over 35.

(five)his sense of humor. He is one of the funniest guys I know & sometimes his laugh is funnier than what he's actually laughing at.

(six)he is brave enough to drive with me. This one is pretty self-explanatory & no I still have no desire to get my license.  The world should be grateful for this.

(seven)he has never met a stranger. oh how we love to give him crap for this, my grandma will send him out for a quick errand and he'll be gone for hours.  But I know that if I ever needed anything, I could find somebody who knew him to give me a helping hand.

(eight)he's the strongest man I know. two battles with cancer, two victories, with all thanks to the Lord on both.  He had a bad health year last year and I'm just so grateful that God wasn't done with him yet.

(nine)the way he comes up behind me and grabs my neck and pulls me in.  I love this.  He does this when we're in public and he's ready to go or when he hasn't seen me for a while.

(ten)his stories. I love listening to him telling stories.  And he's got a lot.  As my grandma says, "Rich! Enough, we've all heard this story before!" & my grandpa will gesture to one new person in the crowd and be all, well THEY haven't!

I must say I have a pretty awesome Grandpa :)

03 February 2014

Weekend Review.

Before I recap my weekend, I'm asking for prayers for a family friend of one of my sweet MN blog friends Heather, you can click on her name to be brought to the post that explains what happened, or just pray for a sweet 19 year old who is too young to leave this Earth.  It's yet another example of why you need to let everyone you love how you feel, because you're not guaranteed a tomorrow.

Onto my weekend, I was left to my own defenses this weekend, because my parents drove the buses for our church up to the retreat up near McGregor & Ryan of course went to the camp, so I thought I'd have a Meghan's weekend.  But then I got a nice surprise, Mady texted me asking if it was okay if she came and hung out with me, and of course I said yes! We ended up going down to the nice theater in Coon Rapids--the one with the recliners and we saw Labor Day, I was iffy on it at first, but it turned out to be a really good movie! Josh Brolin is so good-looking for an older guy! We went home and vegged, got mad at Flappy Birds, watched Mulan 2 and Safe Haven and then got McD's with her best friend.  They left around 9:30 and I fell asleep to Friday Night Lights.  

Then I woke up about 12:30 and ended up getting sick from then until about 4:30, which let me tell you, was NOT fun, I hate throwing up, but then again, find me someone who does and I'll call them a liar.  The silver lining, I got to have a nice chat with my work momma at 2:30 in the morning, she's a night owl! She's coming back for real on Wednesday, if you remember, she had a stroke in October, tried to come back in late October and mid-November.  I haven't seen her since early December, so I may be tackling her with hugs when I see her.  
love my work momma! 

I ended up calling in, but started feeling better around 10 or so, I was able to eat and keep food down, so I got up and cleaned a little bit before my parents came home & then showered and watched a few more episodes of Friday Night Lights and then it was time for the Super Bowl, that y'know the Broncos were supposed to win, but they didn't.  They lost quite horribly.  & the commercials were lackluster as well.  BOO! I did like the memes that came out of Payton's misfortunes though! 

Mingle 240

02 February 2014

Meghan's Mixtape #5

I'm totally a day late & a dollar short on this post, but I was hanging out with my sister yesterday and was just lazy.  

I'm sharing just one song this week, because I think it's a song everyone should listen to. 

The Call//Matt Kennon 

I'll be back tomorrow to recap my weekend and the Super Bowl.  


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