27 February 2013

Sorry I'm Not Sorry (part two)

So I did a post like this a few months back here, but these are fun types of posts, so here goes!

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry that.....

My blog is my outlet, this is my place to be me! 

Country music is always on my phone 
I love my family.  
I treat my dogs like they are humans. 
I sing with my headphones in.  
I am a NASCAR fan. 
I rock jeans and hoodies like they are going out of style.   
I use sarcasm like it's going out of style
So what are you not sorry for? 

25 February 2013

Win My Heart.

So for whatever reason, I thought I would write today about how you can show me you love me, how to win my heart persay,  

-Be my friend-
Before you try and be more than that, talk to me, get to know me as a friend.  Ask me about myself, my likes and my dislikes.  Tell me about yourself, I love hearing peoples stories and how they got to be where they are at.  

-Love my family-
I am nothing without my family.  From my sisters to my grandparents, you'll never meet kinder people & they love me unconditionally.  I will talk about them a lot, only because they mean so much to me, if you wanna be talked about like that, accept them, befriend them & love them.  

-Dance with me-
One of the suckiest things is going to a wedding single, because no one wants to dance alone.  Dance with me often, in public and in private too. 

-Be honest-
I am one of the most trusting people you will ever meet, until you screw me over.  Be honest with me, I'm loyal to a fault & I will love you until the day I die if you are honest with me.  

-Laugh with me-
I love to laugh and come from a family that loves to laugh.  Know how to joke and laugh with me and at me.  Be able to laugh at yourself, I find it sexy.  

-Hug me-
Hug me.  I love giving hugs almost as much as receiving hugs.  Hug me a lot.  Hug me hard, hug me soft, hug me often.  I'm saving my first kiss for marriage, but you can and please do hug me a lot. 

-Wear wranglers & cowboy boots-
This one is a fun one.  I don't find guys who look prettier than I do attractive.  Please know how to get your hands dirty & know how to work hard.  Put on a worn pair of cowboy boots and Wrangler jeans on, and I'll be putty to you.  There's something about a hard working man that makes me tick.  

you know your google reader has become ridiculous when you write a new post before you read everyone else's.  -882 at last check if anyone was interested-

20 February 2013


Love this fun link-up to show off my Instagram pics

If you wanna follow along for my shenanigans, I'm @TheyCallHerMeg

1: Chloe found our sled that we had in our front yard, and was pulling it around with her teeth and getting mad when she couldn't get it over the hills.//2: My aunt and uncle and I before we walked into see George Strait! Recap: here//3: I was about to take a picture of Coop, and then he yawns in the middle of it!//4: My George Strait tee that I got, one of them anyways!//5: My lock screen on my phone!//6: Mady & I got our nails done together for Valentine's Day since we were both single! //7: Ryan had influenza B last week & Mady was convinced she was going to die.  She's taking her temp here.//8: A sign I saw on our way home from a funeral yesterday. It gets better, it says open to the public below it.  #onlyinMN #dirtymindedmaybe//9: Toma, our family friends' dog, he loved me & I loved him.  

Go link up with Jenn and show off your Instalatelys!  

The Cowboy Rides Away.

This weekend was AWESOME!  

I had mentioned many a times over the past few months how I was going to see a certain cowboy on his final tour.  

That cowboy?
A certain Mr. George Strait & a certain Miss Martina McBride opened for him!  

I can't even describe this concert, I was expecting a lot, and both Martina McBride and George Strait blew those expectations out of the water.  

Martina played for almost an hour and a half, and she played all of my faves, plus some. 

There was about 20 minutes intermission where they played a tribute video to George and a lot of the country music stars contributed accolades to it.  

Then pretty soon the lights went down & out walked King George!  

One of my favorite parts was when he called Martina back out on stage and they did two duets, Jackson by Johnny&June, and then a song by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn as well.  

I seriously could have listened to him sing for another couple hours and not be tired of him.  I'm seriously hoping to catch one more show before he wraps up this tour sometime in 2014! 

The rest of the weekend was nice too, Saturday my mom and I scrapbooked with one of our family friends Peggy, Sunday we just relaxed around the house, watched a marathon of Extreme Couponing(how do people do it?!?) and Monday, I went to the casino with my friend Vanessa, and I lost big time, but she doubled her moola.  Yesterday, I had to attend the funeral of my great-uncle Walt, which was sad.   

15 February 2013


She's a blonde, I'm brunette. 
I'm a follower, whereas, she's more of a leader.  
She's tall, I'm short. 
She's a junior in high school, and I'm in college. 
I'm quiet, when she's loud.  
I'm a night owl & she's usually passed out before 9. 
She has her emotions in check, where I wear them on my sleeve
I can go with the flow, while she's demanding.  
She's my sister, my best friend.  
She can drive me crazy with her off the wall comments, but she is also one of the kindest people I will ever meet.  
She's pretty much the exact opposite of me, but yet, she's the same.  
So glad to have her as my sister!

13 February 2013

That's My Jam.

Totally a day late on this, but I hope the hosts understand, because I love love songs :)

Back at One-Mark Wills

I honestly,  could not pick just ONE George Strait(TWO DAYS TIL I SEE HIM LIVE!) love song, thus, you get two:

Cross My Heart--which is my aunt and uncle's wedding song

If I Know Me

& lastly, my current favorite,

06 February 2013


Linking up for the very first time with the insanely sweet & beautiful Jenn for insta+lately


1: Quick picture with Cooper while working on my pyschology homework. // 2: Another day, another pose, another puppy.  She didn't like me cuddling her for the picture. // 3: One last puppy.  Whenever I'm home, he's glued to me.  4: A latergram, this picature is one of my momma and I at my cousin's wedding in October. // 5: A convo between the stepmom & I discussing whether I liked her in sixth grade or not. // 6: Mady giving me the birds and the bees talk.  & yes, she's listed under Princess in my phone. // 7: Another Leader picture that I filtered on IG. // 8. Found this in a store at the MOA and knew a few of my blog friends would like it :) // 9. Are my dogs the only one who do this? Sit at the bathroom door and wait for us to come out? Both Cooper & Chloe do it. 

Want more of my day to day pics, which you can see, are mostly doggie pics and funny conversations?  Follow me @theycallhermeg

05 February 2013

Baby Making & Bacteria, say what?

This is totally a day late...whoops

My weekend was pretty sweet!  


Friday I worked 2 to 11 & hung out at Panera before work.  After work the brother picked me up & brought me to my momma's house for the weekend!  


Saturday my mom worked, and Becky didn't have to, so we decided to go to the good ol' MOA, for you non-Minnesotans, that would be the Mall of America.  I can't remember the last time we hung out for a day, probably the first year I was gone from home.  Anyways, we made a day out of it.  We marveled at how much Lucky Brand & True Religion Jeans cost

Not only would I not be able to afford these, who needs jeans that expensive?- Becky

I found a store that I could probably blow my whole paycheck on, it's called Typo, and it's got all these paper products & pens and I was in HEAVEN! I loved it!  I got a new phone case for $3, you can't beat that!  

I want to have text with you, slightly inappropriate? #ohwell

We window shopped through most of the mall, Becks did get a jacket at the Garage that she'd been eying since September that was on sale, so that was cool.  

We had lunch at Chipotle, which was delish, but that's just a given! 
Got a great deal at Bath and Body Works, so now my hands are gonna be smooth & smell amazing! 

On our way from B&BW to our last stop which was Barnes&Noble, we ran into bacteria, what's that you say? You're supposed to stay away from that? 

We sat in Barnes and Noble and just relaxed with Starbucks & magazines, and I bought Brenda Warner's book, and I am totally intrigued, and possibly obsessed with her & Kurt Warner's family now.  #weirdo. 

After the mall, we went to Wally World & rented some Redbox movies, Paranormal 4 & the five-year engagement.  

Mady & I were talking about how there was a sex education class for parents at our church on how to teach their elementary/middle school kids about what's being taught at school, and we were being childish about it & saying how at 40 & 50 they should know how babies are made, so I asked Mady how babies are made & this was her response

That was Saturday, fun & full.  


Sunday there was a little known game called the Super Bowl on TV.  My mom and I went grocery shopping beforehand and then made some yummies to eat, which I didn't get a picture of #bloggerfail.  

I was originally going to cheer for(I chose Sunday morning), the Ravens, but then an hour or so before kickoff I switched to the 49ers.  

It was a good game, I just wish the niners would have been able to make that comeback!  

This made me laugh when it popped up on my newsfeed:

How was your weekend?

01 February 2013


Dear Blog Friends,

Liz & I are going to be doing an accent vlog within the next couple weeks, if you want to join us, let us know, if we get enough interest, we might add a linky to it!  

Dear Karen,

Thanks for always looking out for me and being my work momma!  I know that if I ever have any problems, that you're my person.  & be nice to me! I sass you ONE time & you don't let me forget it!  
& hey guess what? I like you(:  

Dear Renee,

I miss you bunches at work, you have no idea, nobody to tell me to get to work, nobody calling me little meghan, nada.  
I'll be hardcore praying for you on Monday for your surgery, you will be back! 

Dear George Strait,

I'm seeing you in exactly 14 days.  To say I'm excited would be an understatement.  I can't wait to see you in your W's!

Dear Jayme,

You have given my faith and relationship with God the extra push it needed, I've been feeling flat in that area lately, but seeing you so excited about your relationship with Him has helped me a lot, and  so I just want to say thank you & I'm so happy we're talking more again!  Love ya! 

Dear Lindsey,

It sucks that Jason Aldean was sold out, but we still have Blake Shelton to look forward to!  

Dear work,

Please go by quickly, I want my three days off NOW!  

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