28 February 2015


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23 February 2015

Grateful Heart 10

Where have I been? Well it's been a rough few weeks for my family & I.  Two weeks ago tonight, we unexpectedly lost one of my "cabin cousins" as I like to call us.  Cabin cousins are those cousins that are really second or third cousins like my lynn-mom's cousins kids and the like.  We all grew up like cousins because we were always running around the cabins and the farm together & we all loved every minute of it.

Anyways, my Lynn-Mom told me about this the next morning and it took all of my inner strength not to start crying right in the middle of Wal-Mart, Colton was only 17.  He had committed to going to BSU for Elementary Ed & was a great guy all around.  Last Monday was his funeral & while sad, it was so amazing and it left me awestruck to see how many lives he had touched in 17 short years.  

So for my post on Grateful Heart Monday this week, I'm thankful for a extended family that's maybe not so extended after all.  We all rally together when  one or a group of us is hurting, we share in the triumphs, share the tears and help dry them when tragedy strikes.  I honestly couldn't imagine my life without my cabin family.  

I'm so grateful for Pine Roost & all the memories I made there, thankful for parents who knew how important it was for us to grow up having those weekends away from the hustle & bustle. Thankful to my great-grandparents and their brothers & sisters for coming up with the idea & thankful that Pine Roost has always been a place where everyone knows your name & they're glad you came! 
Ember Grey: Grateful Heart

19 February 2015

#Meghandoes2015 week 7

042.365 Watching Easy A is a good way to unwind. 

043.365 Nope. I don't enjoy being ignored. 

044.365 A little sneak peek at what's going to be coming on the blog soon. 

045.365 So much truth in these words. 

046.365 Not sure how this qualifies as a love song Pandora..

047.365 This will forever be my favorite picture of Coop as a puppy. 

048.365 New glasses and a haircut were in store for me yesterday! 

12 February 2015

#MeghanDoes2015 Week 6

035.365 May have this backwards...
036.365 My phone wallpaper! 

037.365 Break time purchases. I started A New Season but then forget it in my purse in the back of my parents car. #fail.

038.365 Hard to believe it's been four years since we got Cooper.  This was one of the first pictures we have of him. 

039.365 That about sums it up. 

040.365 That scary moment when you see this, and then realize that you're logged into the wrong account. 

041.365 My treat to myself after I went to the eye doctor this afternoon. Om nom nom. 

09 February 2015

Grateful Heart week 9.

Another Monday is almost done, I had the day off, lazed around most of the day, but I couldn't let the day pass by without coming here and sharing my grateful heart with you all.

I'm making plans to go back to the 952(where I grew up & graduated from) for a couple days to visit my mom & we were texting back and forth about it. and a few minutes later, my phone vibrated and her name popped up on my display.

I answered the phone & we talked about my plans for when I was out there & then I told her about work & she listened and let me vent & so today, that's what I'm grateful for.  A mom who knew that I needed to have somebody listen without trying to put their two cents in.  So mom, if you're reading this, thank you!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

07 February 2015

An Open Letter.

Dear friends of the blog world,

It's 9:30 on Friday night & I sit here reading through your posts on bloglovin' recapping your weeks and I'm noticing that this was kind of a tough week for a lot of us.  I've been dealing with work drama & the like & that feels like it's the least of some of my friends' worlds this week.  I just want you all to know that you are NOT alone and that I see your struggle and that I'm here for a virtual hug or if you need to talk, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

Take some time for yourself this weekend, whether it be a nice long hot shower or treating yourself to a new book or whatever you need to have you time, do it, even if it's something small.

Love you all,



06 February 2015

It's Friday.

It's Friday & my brain isn't up to thinking yet, so I'm stealing this from Lora who stole it from someone else.

1. What is your favorite holiday?
Hmm. I love Christmas time & my birthday, and yes I totally consider my birthday a holiday! 

2. If you could spend a week by yourself (no travel companion, just you) anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Honestly? I'd probably go up to our cabin and lock myself away, no cell service & work on my book.  

3. You can only have one of the following totally materialistic items; which one would it be?  The house of your dreams, the car of your dreams, the wardrobe of your dreams?
House of my dreams and no mortgage.

4. Do you blog most often during the day or at night?
Depends on what shift I work, usually I will write in the morning before I go into work.  

5. Coffee or Tea?

6. You are forced to give up two of the following; which do you keep?  Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
I'd probably keep Twitter.  

7. Bath or Shower?
Shower. Unless the bath is a jacuzzi.  Then it's a bath hands down. 

8. What's your favorite (something visual that involves admiring other people's talents) concert, or musical, or play, or painting?
I loved Garth Brooks live.  It was pretty much the best night of my life x2.  

9. Cats or Dogs?
Dogs. Although hanging out at my friend Juanita's house, I have fallen in love with her cat, although she chews things like it's going out of style. 

10.  You kill an hour in front of your television.  You watch reality tv, a drama, a documentary, a comedy?
More than likely probably comedy. 

11. Do you dance, sing, or play a musical instrument?
I have one woman dance parties all the time when I'm home. 

12. If you could change one thing in your past what would it be?
I'm not sure I would change anything.  

13. What is your go to comfort food?
Usually chocolate. 

14. What was the last book you read?
I'm in the middle of American Sniper right now! 

15. Do your close family/friends know about your blog?
Most of my immediate family does, yes.  

16. What is your dream job?
Writing and being free to travel whenever/wherever. 

17. Best thing about being a blogger?
The people I've met through my blog, you guys know who you are & just being able to capture life.  

18. Twitter or Instagram?
#rebelwithacause & saying both. 

19. Favorite show to binge watch?
ARMY WIVES. Le duh. 

20. If you could visit with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
I'd love to have a conversation with my grandpa. I miss that man.  

21. Who is your celebrity crush?
Brantley Gilbert.

22. Why did you start your blog?
Because I do what I want. 

05 February 2015

#MeghanDoes2015 5.

029.365 How I spent one of my days off last week. It was nothing short of wonderful having an afternoon to myself like that.  
030.365 How are you guys doing on your #1800minutechallenge? I'm doing pretty good.  Feeling the burn from my workouts that's for sure! 

031.365 #fireworkpeople mail is the best mail ever. Duh. 

032.365 Downside of working at 7 am, but the plus side is being done at 4.  & enjoying a nice afternoon off. 

032.265 How my brain works best, with 4 or 5 different ideas all on one page going at the same time.  

033.365 I love this picture of myself.  Taken last night before getting ready to go out. 

034.365 Note to self.  

04 February 2015


I've been doing Currently posts pretty regularly for awhile, but it's my first time linking up with jenna & anne, and that excites me! Happy Wednesday loves!

hearting// the great circle of friends that I've started hanging out with from work. Ladies night on Wednesdays&&spontaneous movie nights. I love it! 

reading// American Sniper.  It's really really good so far & I really want to see the movie too! 

pinning//All the things per the usual, but this one made me laugh for far too long.  Follow me here

eating//Nothing at the moment.  I really am craving Taco Johns though! 

anticipating//what I'm going to be doing for my birthday, which is 58 days away. Not that I'm counting or anything haha.  

03 February 2015

02 February 2015

Grateful Heart 8.

Happy first Monday of February, it's my first day off for the week & I'm soaking it up! I'm back for yet another week of Grateful Heart with the beautiful Emily of Ember Grey, so let's get to it!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

#1800MinuteChallenge//Although my legs hurt like NO other, without the challenge, I wouldn't have committed to working out each day & I would have never thought I could do a minute wall sit, but I CAN! 

My Thick Skin// One thing that absolutely drives me nuts is when people say I have to tell you something & then are like oh wait, I can't.  Like what the heck? It happened last night when someone told me they heard a rumor about me & didn't want to tell me & I'm like COME ON! I have thick skin, lay it on me...when she told me, I just laughed because the rumor was so out there and never going to happen that some days you just have to laugh.  

My apartment// It may be a little small, but it's mine & I love being able to have my own space, even though sometimes I still feel like I'm away at summer camp or just staying at a hotel haha. 

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the answers from the What do You Want to Know post, I'm leaving it open for a few more hours, so get your questions in! 

Also linking up with Meg for Mingle Monday!

Mingle 240

01 February 2015

February Goals.

Before we get to February's goals, let's see how I did on January's!

Write 7500 words// I wrote 7500 words on a different story, not my CLAN novel though.   

Solidify linkup plans// We had our first Project Pinterest link-up on the 20th & the next one will be on February 17th, come join us! 
Get my ItWorks business started//This kind of got put on the back burner, but it's going to be a goal for February as well.  

No Fast Food// I did pretty well on this one, had two cheats, but other than that, I did really well.  

FMS Photo a Day// Nope. Next question. 

Blog 4x a week// This one went really well too! I'd say this was a pretty good goal month! 

Now onto February's...

Write 7500 words in Handwritten Love// No excuses!

Do a Saturday Snippets post each Saturday// You can never spread the blog love too much.  

Get 4 LC's for my ItWorks biz!// I want fun money! 

Get my taxes filed// I just have to get Lynn-Mom my CRP from my apartment and then she will be able to do them for me. 

FMS Photo a Day// Are you tired of seeing this on my goal list? Haha. 

No Facebook// This is the "no" for the month for Jayme & I. The only thing I will be doing is doing my nightly check-in to let Karen know I'm home via Messenger otherwise, the Facebook app is being deleted from my phone.  

Read 5 books// I was in a reading slump this month and I hate that! 

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