18 May 2015

Shonda Swap ft. Jayme!

Hi everybody! I'm turning the blog over to my best friend Jayme for her half of the Shonda Swap! Show her some love while I'm gone okay? & if you want to read my thoughts on the subject, come check out her blog Simply, Always, Forever! 

Hey there! I'm Jayme and I blog over at Simply, Always, Forever.
I'm 22 (unless you're reading this a month late), a teacher, and wife to a wonderful God fearing man I've had the privilege of being with since middle school. 
I'm addicted to coffee, watching TV, YouTube, and Young Adult Novels.
I'm so glad that Meghan shares these addictions with me, especially the addiction to TV.
Our addiction hit it's peak when #TGIT was born and Shondaland took over ABC.

I'm here today to share with you my thoughts on the three Shonda shows that have graced my life this season - Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and the new How To Get Away With Murder.

A little heads up, I've been watching Grey's Anatomy for forever, so I'll pretty much be only focusing on this season (with maybe some touching on past seasons). Scandal, I marathoned in about 2 weeks so I have no idea how to differentiate seasons, so I'll hit on it all. And HTGAWM is new so that's easy!

If you are not caught up with these shows, don't say I didn't warn you!

Grey's Anatomy has been one of my favorite shows for years. 
The intensity of the hospital life, the drama, the scandals, the hookups. What's not to love?
This season. That's what.

Now, don't get me wrong. It was OKAY. But it wasn't really the ground-breaking crazy that I've come to expect from Shonda.
This season was just a bit more boring than usual and to be honest, I kind of thought maybe it was on it's way out.

I do have to say that while this show has always had a pretty decent cast, I do like the set of doctors that they had this season. 
Of course I still miss Mark and Lexie, but I absolutely ADORE April and I go back and forth with my love for Jo.

Now, here's some other things I have an issue with:
So, Meredith and Christina. They're each other's "person" right?

Then why, in the name of all things friendship, is she hardly ever mentioned (I think once or twice?) this whole season while Meredith is going to hell and back?
-Almost gets a divorce, doesn't call best friend.
-Thinks her husband is cheating on her, doesn't call best friend.
-Her husband DIES!, pretty sure she doesn't call. And Christina definitely didn't come to the funeral.

There's that one episode where Meredith goes to the airport to visit Derek but then decides against it and spends the weekend alone at the airport hotel.
Okay, you're one of the best surgeons in the world.
You're married to probably the best neurosurgeon in the world.
You can afford to switch your plane ticket to go see your best friend.

If I was going through any of this stuff, I'd call Meghan right away.
And if Meghan called me with this, I'd be at her doorstep in hours.

End rant. Start of new rant.

I get it. I get that Shonda had to get rid of Derek. (Though I can't decide which rumor I believe for why.)
But goodness gracious, did you have to do it in this way?

I understand.
Not all doctors are as good as he is.
They are going to make mistakes like they did at that hospital.
And I was truly saddened by the fact that he knew what they needed to do, but couldn't tell them.
That's not what bothers me.

What bothers me is who in their right mind searches their car for their phone while sitting horizontally on the road?
You can argue - "Well, cars don't drive that road often."
You're right. But they do every once in a while and you should be careful.
"It was ringing so he finally knew where it was." - He didn't even check before he pulled out.
Like, I'm so mad at Derek for dying. I know Shonda was mad but she didn't have to make it his fault!

Moving on....

I randomly decided to turn on Scandal on a day where I needed a new Netflix show to marathon.
I was not disappointed.
I kid you not, less than 5 minutes into the pilot, I texted Meghan and told her she had to watch this show because it's my new favorite.
I. Was. Hooked.

I LOVE Olivia Pope. She is seriously the type of woman every girl wishes they could be - beautiful, powerful, confident.
She's fantastic.
And she knows how to hold her ground when things aren't going her way.

Her relationship with Fitz is the greatest. I mean, sure, he's married, but come on!
Cyrus is also one heck of a character.
All of them, really.

I watched this entire series in about two and a half weeks.
I regret nothing.

Shonda, Shonda, Shonda....your new series never disappoint.
I absolutely LOVE the concept behind this show.
A bunch of college students taking a law class called How To Get Away With Murder 101.
Makes me wish I had pursued law instead of teaching. Seriously.

Who knew these kids would have to apply their college learning so soon!
This show was super intense and I'm excited to see where it leads next season.

I probably should go back and marathon it again first, because to be honest, I was completely lost for the first half of the season.

(Shout out to the kid from Harry Potter for turning into a murder solving law student)

This show uses a lot of flashbacks and it was hard to keep up.
But everything gets tied together at the end, which is good.
True to Shonda style though, cliff hanger!!!!

Now, time to compare the nominees:

Favorite Lead Lady
Olivia Pope - Scandal.
Ask me before this season and it would have been Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, but like I said I'm getting kinda worn out from them.
Olivia, as stated above, has everything - beauty, brains, you name it.
Plus, she has the President of the United States on a leash! Girl power!

Least Favorite Character
This doctor - Grey's Anatomy
I seriously don't even know her name. She drove me nuts.

Favorite Couple
Jackson & April - Grey's Anatomy
I absolutely LOVE them and my heart broke when they had to say goodbye to their precious baby.
Their future is kind of up in the air for next year and I'm so sad!

Special honors:
Cyrus & James - Scandal

Fitz & Olivia - Scandal

Saddest Death
Dell - Private Practice
Yes, I'm aware this isn't one of the three shows I've discussed.
Yes, I'm aware that Private Practice ended eons ago.
But Shonda broke my heart with this one and I've never cried at a fictional death as hard as I did for Dell.

James - Scandal

Hottest Male Character
Jackson Avery - Grey's Anatomy
Yes please!

Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy

Character You Hate To Love
Mellie Grant - Scandal
I just have this feeling I should hate her. She kinda comes off as a bad guy. But I love her sass!

Character You Love To Hate
Sam - How To Get Away With Murder
He was a jerk.

Biggest Plot Twist
I'm gonna go with the season finale of How To Get Away With Murder.

Character You Relate To Best
Jo - Grey's Anatomy
She's smart, but she lets her emotions rule her. She wants to think the best of people, even though she sometimes ends up hurt in the process. She's jealous of her man, but who wouldn't be?!

Scariest Bad Guy
The queen herself.
She kills off our favorite characters, breaks up our couples, and makes us want to drown our sorrows and anxieties with her crazy cliff-hangers. Holding a live bomb in a human chest? Only Shonda!

But seriously,

Papa Pope - Scandal
He scares the bejeezus out of me.

Favorite Quote
"Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?" - How To Get Away With Murder

"Are we gladiators or are we b*tches?" - Scandal

"FYI, when you stick your hand into my panties, another thing that I just don't do anymore is wax. So it's 1976 down there." - Scandal

Shonda Show You Are Most Excited For In The Fall

The Catch
Holy moly this show looks FANTASTIC!

Anyway, thanks for letting me take over Meghan's blog for the day!
Remember, if you want to see her thoughts, you can catch her on my blog today at
If you liked this, I'd love to have you check out more posts on Simply, Always, Forever.
I'm on Bloglovin' too!

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