05 May 2015

I Own Me.

So I saw this on Eat, Drink & Be Mary last week & I absolutely loved it, so I'm stealing the idea, here's what I'm owning up to:

-I would be so lost without the trifecta of my Lynn-Mom, work momma & my mom. They each bring something wonderful to my life & I can't wait to celebrate each of their roles in my life on Sunday for Mother's Day.

-I will never turn down a chance to listen to 90s country music.

-I hate that my best friend & I live so far apart. But I love that our friendship knows no miles.

-If I don't blow dry my hair, I look like Medusa, it only takes a few minutes, but it's not on my list of favorite things to do.

-When I'm in the shower, I shampoo my hair twice and condition it once.

-I can only tolerate my sister's boyfriend in small doses, I'm learning to recognize my limits and speak up when I need my alone time instead of putting myself last. #owningit

-I'm pretty sure I'm an ambivert, but I've leaned more towards introvert since moving out, I need my alone time to recharge my batteries. The only time I'm more extroverted is when I'm at work and I'm around people all day.

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