12 May 2015

Live Original Part V

Chapter 9 - A Friend's a Friend Forever

1. Who are your best friends?
Jayme, Lora, Lynn, & Mady. 

2. Think of three of the best friends you have and write down their best qualities or three reasons you are friends with them.
Jayme- She's always willing to listen, shares in my weirdness. She's like another me. 
Lora-She's like an older sister that I've never had. She listens to me, she gives good advice & loves country music :) 
Mady- She's my sister, she drives me nuts & always makes me laugh. 

3. In your own words, why are jealousy, pride, and selfishness dangerous to a friendship?
Jealousy is something that if you let it take root in a friendship, can ruin it without the other person even realizing it. Nobody wants a friend that only thinks about themselves all of the time either.  

4. What are one or two things about yourself that you can work on if you want to be a better friend?
I can be extremely jealous at times, but I've gotten better as I've become older I believe. 

Chapter 10 - Respect Relationships

1. Do you stand up for your brothers and sisters? Next time someone starts hating on one of your siblings, what can you do to support them and protect them?
I do what I can, but I'm also the shortest one of all of my siblings, so I just let them know I'm there for moral support and if they ever need to talk.  

2. Are you a person who keeps your commitments? How do you need to improve?
I really try to. I'm really bad with rescheduling my ortho appointments because I'm not the biggest fan of mouth pain.  

3. Do you respect authority? In your own words, why is it important to do so?

4. What is one thing you can do today to have a better relationship with yourself?
Quit comparing myself to others so much.  

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