29 April 2015

happy list [2]

I haven't done a happy list in a while, so I figured what's a better way to celebrate hump day then sharing some things that are making me happy lately!

-Being able to have my sliding glass door open and to have fresh air come through.

-Coffee on my balcony with the sun shining down vs coffee curled up in blankets. I mean I'll take coffee any way I can get it, but I love sitting out on my balcony!

-The reminder that I am His & He doesn't make mistakes.

-Having the entire weekend off without having to ask for it off first, I think I'm gonna go check out my sister's new digs!

-Having been in my apartment for a year

-Good country music

What's something that's made you happy lately?

28 April 2015

It's Okay!

Linking up with Amber for the first time in WAY too long for That's Okay Tuesday.

-It's okay that I'm rewatching Grey's Anatomy even though I know what happened last week.

-It's okay that that's all I've done on my two days off is watch Grey's on Netflix.

-It's okay that last week when I did my grocery shopping that I couldn't decide between two types of Oreos, so I bought both of them.  Peanut Butter Cup as well as Cookie Dough Oreos.

-It's okay that I'm excited for the #fireworkpeople Twitter parties tonight and tomorrow morning.

What's something you're okay with?

27 April 2015

Live Original Part 3

Two posts in one day...YASSS.  This post is the third in mine & Jayme's series on Sadie Robertson's book. 

Chapter 5 - You Can Only Fix You
1. Why do you think taking personal responsibility and fixing yourself is important? 
Because YOU are the only one who can truly change & take responsibility for yourself. 

2. What's the biggest thing you think you need to fix about yourself right now? How can you start?
I have to work on my complaining. I'm working on it by doing a no complain month :) 

3. Is there someone in your life who is causing you trouble? Instead of blaming that person, how can you respond to the situation in a way that will help you grow?
I really can't pick a certain person causing me trouble right now. Life's been pretty good. -------> Keeping Jayme's answer! 
4. Do you need to work on yourself by changing your group of friends? Who are some people who could influence you in positive ways and how can you develop relationships with them?
I happen to think that I've got some really great friend groups, so there's that. 
Chapter 6 - Let Your Smile Change the World
1. How can you change the world in some little way, starting today?
By smiling at each person I meet. 
2. Will you commit to reading and posting only positive, encouraging messages on social media? What changes will you need to make to keep this commitment?
I've always tried to be positive, my parents made a rule that if we wouldn't say it to the person in person, we best not be putting it on social media. I've tried to keep that philosophy as I've got out on my own.  
3. Who inspires you to change the world, like my papaw Howard inspires me? How can you take the lessons you have learned from that person and make a difference? 
My stepmom is one of my biggest supporters and she inspires me to be a better person and has always given me great advice. . 
4. If you could change the world in one big way, what would you do? When can you start?
I would let everyone know that they are loved regardless. I can start letting people know that they are loved no matter what.  

Gray Blood.

This picture was taken on a family vacation back in June of 2013, & I re-discovered it a few months back and I absolutely love it. It was more than likely an out take taken by one of our moms or my Uncle Chris as we were looking up at another camera, but it's become one of my favorite pictures of my cousins, sister and I. I posted it on Facebook with the caption "Watch out world, we have each other's backs & Gray blood running through our veins, pair them together and we're unstoppable."

It's true what they say that Grandma's house is where cousins become best friends. Our moms are the youngest of 7, and we have grown up more like sisters even though we lived hours apart. Growing up, summer days were spent at Granny's playing house or running around outside and now that we're older, it's Valleyfair & concerts that we enjoy, but the thing that hasn't changed is that I know that I can count on them to have my back & I hope they know they can count on me for the same. 

So grateful to call them not only cousins, but friends as well. 

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Also linking up with Meg for Mingle Monday!

25 April 2015

Third Time's the Charm.

For the third time, I've been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World award & this time it's by one of my fellow #fireworkpeople WHADDUP?

What was your favorite book as a child?
I loved Baby Sitters Club books & the Secret Sister books as well.  

If time, transportation, and money were abundant, where would you travel to and why?
I'd love to visit Australia, but I'd also love to say that I've visited each of the 50 states. 

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them!
Cooper is my baby. He's a weimaraner & very much a velcro dog. Chloe is our golden retriever that is a very rambunctious almost 3 year old. & Leader is my beagle that is getting old and gray but still gets way excited when I visit my Mom's house. 
 What is your dream job? What are you doing to work towards making it your for-real job?
Being able to write full time! What am I doing now to make that happen? I try to write a little bit each day. 

Coffee or tea? Why?
Coffee all the way no questions asked. & because it gives me the energy to deal with people. 
Lizzie McGuire! 

What is your favorite charitable organization? Tell us about it.
I have a special place in my heart for the Children's Miracle Network as well as the St. Jude Research Hospital. 

What is/was your least favorite subject in school?
Geometry. Hands down. 

Are you a sports fan? If so, who is your favorite team?
The MN Wild & any of the Hendrick Motorsports teams in NASCAR. 

Selfies: yay or nay? Show us your best selfie!
Yay. & this is probably my favorite current selfie of me and Coop. 

24 April 2015

Summer 2015 Book Challenge

This is my first Book Challenge with Megan & I'm pretty excited! 

5 points: Freebie! Read any book that fits the general rules. | Big Little Lies//Liane Moriarty 
10 points: Read a book you have never heard of before. (Just go to a shelf and pick a book based on the cover, the title, whatever you want!) | Since You've Been Gone// Morgan Matson
10 points: Read a book that has been on your TBR list for at least two years// The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
10 points: Read a book that won a Goodreads “Best Book” award in 2014. | We Were Liars//E. Lockhart
15 points: Read a book by an author who is completely new to you. | Lovely Bones// Alice Seebold
15 points: 
Read a book by an author you have read before. (No re-reads for this one.) // Change of Heart by Jodi Piccoult
15 points: Read a book with "light" or "dark" in the title. //The Christmas Light by Donna VanLiere
20 points: Read a book with the name of a city, state or country in the title. | Looking for Alaska by John Green
20 points: Read a book with an animal on the cover.// Hyperbole & a Half by Allie Brosh
25 points: Read a book that is part of a series with at least four books. Size 12 is Not Fat//Meg Cabot
25 points: Read a book that is longer than 500 pages long. — Submitted by winter finisher Kristen from See You in a Porridge//The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
30 points: Read a book with an alliterative title. (All words in the title must begin with the same letter; no exceptions for articles or prepositions//Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

23 April 2015

Four of a Kind.

I've seen this on a number of blogs, but most recently on Hillary's, so I thought I'd borrow it! 

Four of my nicknames
1. Megs. 
2. Meggy. Ugh I hate it. Mady calls me this just because she knows it drives me nuts. 
3. Squeezebox. Karen's nickname for me. She's the only one that calls me it & it's because I give good hugs she says :)  
4. Little One-My supervisors call me this sometimes, not as much as when I first started, but Karen & Renee still do. 

Four places I've lived 
1. Elk River, MN
2. Anoka MN
3. Burnsville MN
4. Mounds View MN

Four TV shows I watch 
1. Army Wives
2. Nashville
3. Greys
4. Scandal

Four places on my travel bucket list
1. Jamaica
2. Nashville
3. North Carolina (again)
4. Colorado (again)

Four jobs I've had
1. Customer service(my current job)
2. Panera 
3. Cashier
4. Dietary Aide. 

Four movies I've seen more than four times 
1. Twister
2. 8 Seconds
3. The Proposal
4. Baby Mama

Four things in my purse
1. my notebook
2. a book--right now it's If You Find This Letter by Hannah Brencher. 
3. my journal
4. my sunglasses

22 April 2015

How to Push My Buttons.

So I was reading through my bloglovin' list this morning, not really knowing what I wanted to write about, until I read Helene's post for today, so shout out to her for this idea! She wrote about ways to make her mad, and I was like, YAS. This needs to be a post on my blog, so here I am, confiscating her idea!

I am usually a pretty happy-go-lucky person and I don't let too much get my undies in a bunch, but here are a just a few things that make me upset:

-When people don't say please & thank-you.

-When I don't get the respect I know I should, just because I'm young and look even younger.

-People who make blanket statements about law enforcement.

-Getting told that my best friend, can't be my best friend because I only get to see her a couple times a year(yes this has happened. No it didn't end well for the person who tried telling me this!)

-When you are interacting with me on social media and spell my name wrong, I have my name in all of my usernames/handles/email addresses, so just remember, it's Meghan with a G & an H :)

-That Army Wives got cancelled.

-That Olivia and Fitz still aren't together.

-When I hear, "they're not blood, they're not your family."

What's something that gets under your skin?

21 April 2015

Round Deux.

After my first sisterhood award, Erica also tagged me so I'm going to answer her questions as well :)

1. What is your most favorite movie and why?
I have two. 8 seconds and Twister. Both are movies that I watch over and over again, but still feel the same emotions as the first time I saw them. 
2. Looking back on your life, what are you most proud of?
Going the extra mile whenever I can! 
3. Are you doing what you love? If not, what would you rather be doing?
I like my job a lot, but it's not my dream, I would love to write books errrday. 
4. Describe your perfect Sunday.
Starting out with coffee and church, lunch with my work mom, watch the race and Jeff Gordon would win & then I'd have dinner and cards with my grandparents. #boom. 
6. What is your full name and the story behind it?
Meghan Anna Brown. I was going to be Brittany, but then my aunt and uncle named their dog Brittany so that was out. My mom wanted me to be Anna Marie but my Grandma told her it was too old fashioned for a baby girl, so I'm Meghan Anna. 
7. What would you like your next vacation to be?
Going to see Jayme, but my next vacation will be Up North for a country festival & then down to see Jayme in AUGUST! 
8. If you could ask Santa for anything in the world, what would it be?
Another Cooper puppy. 
9. What do you love most about blogging?
Writing my feelings out without being judged too harshly. 
10. What you hear the word "Happy" what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Gilmore :P 

20 April 2015

Live Original Part 2.

So we (we, being the lovely Jayme & I) were both too pooped last night to get this up, so here it is in all of it's glory a little late, forgive us? 

Chapter 3 - "Never Give Up"

1. What's the hardest thing you have ever done or the hardest day you have ever lived? How did you get through it?
I think the hardest thing I've had to do in my adult life is coming to terms with the fact that I had lied to my entire family for over a year and trying to earn their trust back. My second hardest would be when I had to have my eyes un-sewn after one of my brain surgeries when I was only 6 or 7. The most pain I have ever been in. 

2. Is there someone in your life whom you shouldn't give up on? How can you continue to love that person?
Is it bad that I can't think of someone? I have a bad habit of probably hanging on to people for too long and it becomes toxic for me. 

3. What small steps have you started taking toward your passion or your dream? Are you determined to keep going and not give up, no matter what?
I'm connecting with more writers, and reading about writing and coming up with ideas and yeah, I'm going to write this book! 
4. Why do you think it's important to never give up?
I so was going to post a clip from Army Wives, a conversation between Michael and Emmalin, but apparently not everyone is as AW obsessed as I am, but basically it was him asking her if she was really ready to give up her dream and probably regret it 5 years down the road, or if she was going to dig her feet in and fight for what she wanted. Basically it's important to me to never give up because I don't want to wonder what might have been years down the road.  


Chapter 4 - "Confidence Is Key"

1. What would you do differently in your life if you had as much confidence as you would like?
I try to be confident as much as possible, but if I had the utmost confidence in myself, I would pack up and move somewhere new without a second thought. 

2. What kinds of situations can cause you to lose your confidence? What Bible verses can you use to strengthen yourself when these things happen?
When people don't let me completely finish my ideas before butting in with one of their own. When I'm shot down before I've had a chance to fully explain myself. 

3. What are your best qualities? Knowing your strengths and good qualities helps you grow in confidence.
My growing ability to speak up for myself when I feel like I'm being mistreated. I love my willingness to help people even if I've been burned by them before. I try very hard to forgive and forget. 

4. What is one dream or goal you would like to achieve, and how will confidence help you get there?
Writing a book that will change lives. Being confident that even if someone doesn't like what I have to say doesn't mean everyone will feel that way. 

I'm really loving what Sadie's been talking about these chapters, and can't wait to read and recap chapters 5 & 6 next week! 

16 April 2015

The House That Built Me.

My parents split when I was a young girl, 7 or 8, my mom moved to a suburb south of the cities and I lived with her and my younger brother and her boyfriend who turned into my stepdad a few years later. I'm not saying I didn't like living in that house, because I have many happy memories there. I loved the people there, and I still consider it a home.


Yes, there is a but. My dad moved to another suburb of the cities. He married my Lynn-Mom, and they remodeled her house.  This house will always be the house that built me as Miranda Lambert sings. I've had some of the best times in that house, I've laughed so hard my sides hurt in that house when my entire family gets together. I've cried so many tears that I didn't know there were any more when we lost a family member or upon learning my Grandpa's cancer was back.

I fell in love with the small(er) town way of life. I'm a country girl through and through. There's something about the fact that both my Dad and Lynn-Mom were raised here, spread their wings for a bit, but ended up in their hometown.  I love it.

Do your parents still live in your childhood home?

15 April 2015

Reflecting on 22.

13 days ago I turned 23. Which to me sounds so much older than 22, but I digress.

The majority of 21 was spent living a lie, until the lie couldn't live anymore, at almost 22, I finally told the truth about going to school and having a big girl job.

If 21 was the year of the lie, then 22 was the year of building & re-building.

I moved out on my own for the first time, this helped me build my indpendence.

In the tail end of 21, I started a second job, 22 saw me building confidence by standing up for myself when I wasn't getting respect at that second job & quitting when I couldn't take another shift ending in tears.

It took me almost all of 22 to feel like I had my parents trust back, it took until the end of January(a little over two months before I turned 23) when my dad was in the hospital to make me feel like I had re-built that trust.

If 22 was the year of building and rebuilding, then what will 23 be?

Here's what I'm speaking over my twenty-third year.

I will finish my first book.

I will love deeper.

Hug longer.

Smile bigger.

I will spread love and not hate.

I'm going to make year 23 the best year yet!

13 April 2015


Drinking: my first cup of coffee this morning out of my #fireworkpeople mug. 

Wearing: my BG shirt that Jayme got me for my birthday and a pair of hockey sweats.  

Refusing To: be talked down to because of my age, I deserve respect just as much as my older counterparts.

Wanting: my days off to be nice weather-wise & it seems like they're going to be! 

Feeling: blessed to live this amazing life! 

Eating: nothing at the moment, although my stomach is kind of grumbling at me.

Listening To: Shotgun Rider by Tim McGraw. 

Loving: that I got to spend a week and a half pet-sitting for my parents while they were out of town. I missed home.  

Excited About: warmer weather...FINALLY! 

Wishing: that it was August so I could go see my best friend and her hot hubby. Hashtag bestest for the restest hashtag inside joke

Admiring: my work momma, her health setbacks don't knock her down, but she's as stubborn as an old mule & that drives me crazy as well :)

Clicking:  All my unreads on bloglovin' 

Saying Good-Bye To:  Winter. Finally. 

12 April 2015

Live Original Chapters 1 & 2.

I've seen my fair share of Duck Dynasty episodes, so when Sadie Robertson announced she was coming out with a book I was excited to read about her life away from the cameras, and 2 chapters in, I haven't been disappointed. My best friend, fellow book lover & blog writer Jayme of Simply. Always. Forever. came up with the wonderful idea to do a book club with the book & then discuss it each Sunday on our respective blogs, so here I am!

Chapter 1-- Think Happy, Be Happy

1) In your own words, why is this true: "If you think happy thoughts, you can live a happy life?"

It may sound cliche, but I've always believed that if you think about happy things, you'll be happy or it will at least help you be happier than if you were thinking angry thoughts or sad thoughts.

2) What thoughts are you thinking that will you to the future you want tomorrow?

I've been thinking more and more about how I want to get my writing out there, even if no one reads it, at least I'm getting it out of just my notebook and giving people a chance to read my words.

3) What's one thought you can change today in order to make yourself just a little more happy?

The whiny/complaining thoughts I had about work, I could have been more cheerful and upbeat about having a job.

4) Take a minute to think about the thoughts you've had today. Do those thoughts make you happy and lead you in a good direction?

I'd like to think so, for a lot of the day I was thinking about my gift from Jayme and being excited to go home on lunch and open it & I was even more happy afterwards!

Chapter 2--Dream Big

1. What's the biggest dream for yourself you can think of?

Writing a book that can change someone's life.

2. What small step can you take toward your dream today?

Actually writing something instead of just thinking about writing.  I have this habit of being horrible about my follow through!

3. Think about whether your dream is according to God's will. If it is, write out a commitment today to never give up on your dream.

I, Meghan Anna, refuse to settle for anything other than God's best when it comes to my dream. I vow to make it a priority instead of just something I want to do someday.

4. Take a minute to pray to God and give Him your dream and wait on Him to make it come true.

Lord, I just want to give you my dreams and am just asking for Your love and guidance on how to make this dream a reality & one that glorifies You. Amen.

07 April 2015

Sisterhood of the World

Louise nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World award last week & I of course accepted!

What song makes you have to stop what you’re doing and dance every single time?
Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House by Garth Brooks. 
If you could transform into any animal for any amount of time, what animal would you be and for how long?
My dog Cooper seems to have a pretty good life.  Probably only for a couple of hours, get caught up on my sleep. 
What’s your favorite holiday? Why?
I love Christmastime and all of our traditions. 
Do you enjoy jokes? What’s the best joke you’ve ever told/heard?
Yes. My favorite joke that I've ever been told is two pigs fell in the mud and three came out. Courtesy of my Uncle Jim. 
You’re out to dinner and you run into a celebrity (alive or deceased). They say they’re up for anything and they’ll pay all evening! Who’s the celebrity and what are you guys going to do?!
Dale Earnhardt. He's going to tell me about the 1998 500, and then we'll go see Dale Jr & he'd get to meet Dale's girlfriend.  We'd go have dinner with Kerry and his wife & Kelley and her husband and their kids, and Taylor Nicole and her husband.  Teresa would show up last minute before Dale had to leave.  (Not a big Teresa Earnhardt fan!) 
What’s the last book/magazine/DVD cover that you read & really enjoyed?
I just finished Predestined Hearts by Kelly Elliott & Kristin Mayer, I was a little hesitant since there was a mix of historical fiction in it, but I LOVED IT! 
Which creature do you wish existed today: dinosaurs or unicorns or horse-size kittens?
UNICORNS! That farted rainbows. Duh. 
What’s your LEAST favorite color? Is there a reason?
Poop green. Because it looks like poop? #sometimesiactfive

& now the ladies I tag slash nominate
& the questions I have for you ladies:

Who's the person that when something good or bad happens you have to text or call right away to let them know?

What's your favorite song right now?

Is there a singer or band that you just can't stand? Why?

Are you a dog or cat person?

These are the rules that have been passed down to me:– Answer the questions from the person that nominated you.
– Nominate some of your blogging sisterhood- there is no set number for this!
-Ask your nominees some very important questions- again, no set number!

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