11 December 2015

Blogmas: 3 Signs of the Season.

3 of my favorite signs of the season...

1) My grandparents are home for Christmas!

2) Christmas music is my preferred Pandora station. 

3)Trees are up! My tree has been up since the beginning of the month and Mady & I helped my Grandma set hers up & set my parents tree up today. 

On the third  day of Blogmas, my true love gave to me: 3 signs of the season, 2 Random acts of Kindness & 1 Holiday Tradition! 

10 December 2015

Blogmas: 2 Random Acts of Kindness

All right a little playing catch up today for the Blogmas challenge with Nora & Pam, but I had a great day yesterday with my family as well as today, so #noregrets,

2 Raks was the prompt for today, so one is something I've done & the other is something I want to do.  The one I have done was something I started as a RAK and is now one of the things that makes the friendship between my work momma and I so close.  I wrote her a little note letting her know how my night went and that I loved her and would see her in the morning. I started it over a year ago and whenever I know she's working the next day, I always make sure she has a note waiting for her.

 & then the second Rak is something I want to do.  I want to put little notes in books letting people know how much they are loved and that I hope they are having a good day and such.

Tell me, what is a RAK you've done or had done for you?

On the 1st day of blogmas, my true love gave to me 1 holiday tradition. 

09 December 2015

Blogmas: 1 Christmas Tradition.

I think I've shared about my favorite Christmas tradition before, it's one that's only been going on for the last four or five years with one year missed because I was off that year by some miracle.

My family(grandparents, Lynn-Mom & Dad, Mady & Ryan) come pick me up from work on Christmas Eve, because we close at 8 and I don't drive. With closing at 8, we actually CLOSE and everyone has to get out of the store but the employees still trickle out and so my family came up with the idea of being loud and boisterous.

The first Christmas it was just honking and whistling. Nothing too out of the ordinary for my family who has a tendency to make me embarrassed, maybe I'll tell the story of my Dad and his 1's sometime :)

The year after that it was jingle bells and sunroofs and party kazoos(I think that's what those noisemaking thingys are)

Last year, it was more of the same with some of the security hired by my work laughing and pointing.  Good times.

What's one of your favorite Christmas traditions? Tell me in the comments & link-up with Nora and Pam!

08 December 2015

Top 3 Tuesday!

I love the idea behind Becca's Top Three Tuesday, so I thought I'd share mine...but before I do, I was planning on doing this all day Tuesday last week, until I realized at about 9pm it was Wednesday. #headdesk

-So I have been wanting a change with my hair and I don't want to cut it because I like being able to pull it back when I'm at work running around like a banshee, so I got it colored and it looks a lot more red in the picture, it's still red in real life, but more of a darker red.  I absolutely LOVE it.

A photo posted by Meghan Brown (@meghanannablogs) on

-My grandparents fly home today for the rest of December & I can't wait to see them! It'll be the first time my grandpa sees me without my braces :)

-Tomorrow starts the Twelve Days of Christmas with Nora and Pam! I can't wait to participate, are you joining in on the fun?

What's something that's making your top three today?

04 December 2015

oh hey friday favorites//take a picture.

We've made it to Friday & I'm actually off today, that deserves a celebration! This week has been nuts and I'm sure it's not going to slow down in the next month. I can do this yes? YES!

Instagram is probably my favorite platform of social media, followed closely by Pinterest, because I can share whatever my heart desires below a picture & there is something so real about IG.

I was scrolling through my feed & I saw that I had a number of unique hashtags & I thought I'd share a few of them, as well as a description of what I share & the most popular picture from each one.

1//#meghandoes2015 is my hashtag where I share my daily pictures, I have never been able to take a picture a day for 365 days before. This is my year!(hopefully, I'm a little behind!)

2//#onmeghansheart is the hashtag I use when posting things that are a little deeper and more personal to me.

3//#sistersforlifebestfriendsforever is my hashtag for any picture I share that has to do with Mady and I. That's our motto for our relationship, we are sisters for life & best friends forever.  Love my sissy!

4//#xosqueezebox is the hashtag I use for pictures relating to my work momma and I. A lot of our facebook convos get shared because let's face it we're hilarious. The most popular picture is actually a picture of us though!

So as I wrote above #MeghanDoes2015 is my hashtag where I share my photo a day pictures, and I'm hoping to continue that habit into 2016, and I need suggestions for next year's hashtag...throw your best at me!

Linking up with Karli for Oh hey Friday & Amanda for Friday Favorites!

01 December 2015

Month One-#SCWBC15 Check-In!

If you'd like to see my preliminary list, you can click here

Here is what I was able to accomplish in November..

15 points: Read a book with a one-word title..Ignite by Kelly Elliott

20 points: Read a book with a verb in the title. Katie in Waiting by Erynn Mangum

So I've scored 35 points so far. Not too shabby.  

Are you participating in the book challenge? How many points do you have? 

December Goals.

Since I did pretty well with my goals from November, I decided to set goals once again for December!

-Get all my medical bills situated//ER visits are expensive you guys! I want to budget and get them all paid off or set up on payment plans.

-Finish the books that I'm in midst of reading//I've got three or four that are in various stages of being read that I just need to finish!

-Read 3 new books//As well as the above, I want to read three new books!

-Enjoy my grandparents being home//My grandparents fly home within the next week and I can't wait to hug them and show my Grandpa my brace-less smile!

-Write each day//I really want to start the Morning Words journaling technique I've seen floating around the writing and blogging world.

-Recap my year//Pretty self explanatory, I want to do a series of best of or favorites of 2015 posts.

-Look forward to 2016//I want to get my goals fleshed out for the new year!

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2015?


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