29 March 2013


So I have nothing big to talk about today, just a few smaller things, so I figured I would do a rundown of what's been on my mind in the week since I have posted!  

One.  It's been warmer in good ol' Minnie this week, but we're in the brown grass/melting snow/mud phase of winter becoming spring & it's not pretty, but at least we're getting there. right?  I'm pining for summer, where I can run away to my aunt and uncle's cabin up in Brainerd, and just soak up everything that cabin life entails!  

Two. Last night, we threw my Aunt Elisa a surprise 40th birthday, where I got milk spilled all over me when my 1-year-old cousin, Grady dumped his cup, why yes, I do know how to party like crazy, it was at Brunswick Zone in Blaine, I would not recommend the bar/grille there, service was horrible! We waited at least a half hour, closer to 45 minutes for our food and our server never came to check on us.  The arcade was a blast though, even if I did get a foam ball to the eye when one of my cousins or brother shot me, my fault that my safety goggles fell down though!

Three. Wednesday after school, my mom and sister drove up from B-ville to take me out to dinner at Perkins, since I hadn't seen them in awhile, and I am 6 days away from 21(four now!), and they gave me a kids menu, didn't ask me, just gave me one!  I texted my stepmom, and I was like should I be offended? She's like no, but you're gonna get weird stares this time next week, when you order a sex on the beach with your kids menu! 

Four.  FOUR days until my birthday!  I don't have any big plans, but I think dinner is in order, and I have the entire day off, so I don't have to do anything I don't want to :)

Five.  Blake Shelton's new album came out this week, and I'm obsessed!  I can't even pick a favorite song off of it!  I'm going to try and get him to tweet me on my birthday, if you wanna join in, I'm gonna tweet something like this: @blakeshelton, It's my 21st Birthday, I don't think you'll tweet me back, but it'd sure be cool if you did!  

Six.  I was talking to Lynn a few nights ago, and did you know it's no longer PC to call the Easter bunny, the Easter bunny or Easter eggs?  They're now to be called Academic Bunnies and Academic eggs.  *eyeroll* I will be still wishing people a Happy Easter!  

Have a great Easter & enjoy your Academic Egg Hunts *wink*  

22 March 2013

Writing Home.

Daddy & I at my first Twins game 1994. 

Dear Dad & Lynn, I may have screwed up this week, but thank you for having my back regardless!  Dear Lynn, Thanks for taking me with to play bingo, I miss spending time with you!  Dear Jayme, Last night/this morning? Some of the best times of my life, I love how we live tweeted while you read Safe Haven.  Dear Army Wives, How did I forget so much of what happened during the series? I'm rewatching and it's like I'm watching it for the first time!  Dear Mady, I miss hanging out, just you and I, can we make it happen soon? I miss sister time!  Dear Spring, WHERE ARE YOU?

linking up with Ashley for Friday letters!  

21 March 2013

It's Okay

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with two of my faves who are away at Blissdom(lucky brats!)

It's okay...

to re-watch Army Wives from the beginning...and still cry even though you know what's gonna happen.  

to not be too sure about all the new Army Wives they have

to ask for help sometimes

to get the urge to run away from life for a little while

to be completely jealous of all the people at Blissdom

to wish you knew where a money tree grew!

to like country music

to not like Taylor Swift's music much anymore

to love your dogs more than people sometimes

to fold laundry and not put it away

What's Okay with you this week?  

12 March 2013

This is Me. This is Real.

To be completely honest, I debated a good month or so about writing about this, because I don't want to be known for this "label/diagnosis"

If you have been around my blog and seen any of my pictures, you may have noticed I look different, you may have shied away from reading me because you thought I looked weird, but I seriously hope you stuck around to learn about me, and to share in my blog.  If not, I guess that's your loss!  

When I was born, I was diagnosed with what doctors call frontonasal dysplasia.  In English, it basically means, my ears are smaller than most, my eyes are farther apart, and my nasal cavity isn't what it's supposed to be.  

From what I have found on the interwebs and google, I have a very mild case of it, my nose is in one piece and I don't have a cleft lip.  

Ever since I was young, I have gone yearly or every few years to an all-day appointment down at the U of Minnesota.  I have had multiple surgeries, multiple long-term(more than a week) hospital stays, & a few stories that I am now able to look back & laugh on.  

A couple stories before I get to the rest of the post, one of the surgeries I had, I believe it was when they put the shunt in, but I can't remember, for sure, they sewed my eyes shut because they were afraid that if they didn't the brain pressure would cause them to pop out of the sockets, well when they sewed them shut, they had me under anesthesia because they did it right before surgery, but when they unsewed them, I was awake for the procedure, and my Dad was in the room when they were doing this, and I was yelling, Daddy kick the nurse, Daddy hit the nurse.  My Dad's a police officer, so I thought he could do whatever he needed to do to not have me in pain.  Keep in mind, I was only 7 or so at the time.  

Another time, I think it was during this same hospital stay, my mom had gone down to the McDonald's in the tunnels below Children's and the nurses were trying to force me to take medicine, and my mom says as soon as she got off the elevator, she could hear me screaming from the other end of the hall.  I just didn't want to take it, I guess! 

& now a few, you mess with my sister/daughter stories, I'll mess you up from my family:

When we were skiing one weekend up by my Dad's house, Lynn, my stepmom had taken us by herself & this kid starts spitting on the bag that I'm carrying and making fun of me, she went up the stairs after the kid, and said, keep it up & I'll kick your ass, now my stepmomma is not a violent person, very calm and collected.  

& Ryan, my younger brother, has punched a few kids because they were making fun of me. 

& when my stepsister Becky was younger, we were both at the park and some other girls were making fun of me, so she walks over to them & gave them an earful.  

Mady has always gotten upset about me being made fun of, she is very protective of me(at least for that reason, most others she picks on me!)

Some people have asked why I look the way I do, my answer is always, because God has a special plan for my life.  I would much rather look like this, and have my faith in God, then look "normal" and not have Him.  Or like I told a girl when I was cashiering after she called me funny looking, TWICE, I'd much rather look like me and have manners instead of looking like you and having none at all.  

I have been blessed with not only great parents and great stepparents, but an entire family that has never let me be treated like any less.  I have been asked before, if I would like to be a part of a support group for frontonasal dysplasia, and I've always turned them down, because I don't let this define me, and I forget I have it until somebody keep staring at me.  

Please, don't hesitate to ask me any questions you have, & I just want to let everybody know how much you all mean to me!  

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10 March 2013

Sunday Social

It's Sunday, which only means one thing...
Sunday Social

1. What is one movie you are terrified to watch? Sinister, my sister and her best friend went to saw it when it was in theaters, they had to sleep with the light on the rest of the weekend! Funny story actually, we were all hanging out at my grandma and grandpa's this fall after they had seen it, & my cousin snuck over with the sinister mask on and walked by my grandparents huge picture windows that face the river, I have never seen Mady drop to the floor SO fast!  
2. What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven’t yet? Gilmore Girls, I need to buy the entire series and just veg one weekend, which in reality, probably is not going to happen lol.  
3. What is one daring activity on your bucket list? I'd love to skydive just once & go on a Extreme Tornado Tour with Reed Timmer.
4. Would you ever travel alone? I fly alone, but I don't think I'd want to actually spend a whole vacation by myself, but somedays I do just dream of driving with no real destination in mind & not telling anyone, first I have to get my license though!  
5. What activities do you like to do alone? I like to read & write when I'm alone.  I like to shower when no one else is home too, which some people may see as strange....

09 March 2013


Happy Birthday to my Grandma B. today! Love you!  

I may or may not have stolen this from Jenn...just sayin'

5 things ...
... you will find in my purse
1. my stella+dot clutch, which holds my phone & bank card, along with any cash I might have.
2. lipbalm-I love the eos ones!  
3. hand lotion - I've got my baja breeze? I think that's what it's called from bath&body works.  
4. receipts- I seem to have a breeding ground for receipts in my purse!
5. headphones- I listen to music on my breaks and on my lunch at work.  
... you will find in my bedroom
1. Chloe's kennel
2. my DVD collection
3. tons of clothes
4. books
5. whatever Ryan doesn't feel like putting away in his room.  
... I've always wanted to do
1. open my own coffee shop/bookstore
2. move out on my own
3. get married
4. Visit Atlantis in the Bahamas
5. become a Blake Shelton groupie, I think it'd be fun to follow a tour all across the country! 
... I'm currently loving
1. my custom made ringtone that my cousin made me, it's a clip from a video I did of Mady sucking helium.
2. the abovementioned stella+dot wallet!
3. Blogging, I go through periods of not wanting to write, but I'm in a good streak of just going with the flow
4. warmer temps
5. country music.  
... quirks I have
1. I hate whistling - just annoying y'all<---- agree="" jenn="" nbsp="" on="" p="" this="" with="">
2. I have a limited sense of smell, because of scar tissue in my nasal cavity because of my surgeries.  
3. I love buying notebooks, even if I have 20 unused ones at home...luckily I usually just buy the plain jane ones for only cents.  
4. I have to sleep with the door shut, completely, and I sleep much better if Mady is her bunk, she's been staying at her friend's house while my parents are out of town, and I haven't slept the best.  
5. I can sing the ABCs backwards :)

07 March 2013

I Love You Like A Love Song ♥

Erin from Living In Yellow, y'know her right? If not, click the image below & meet her!
She had this awesome idea to spread the blogger love by confessing our blog crushes, so heree we go! 

This feels like some sort of awards show acceptance speech where I'm gonna miss someone important, but just know that I love all of my bloggy friends, these were just the ones that came to my mind mmk?

Raven from Don't Quote The Raven
"you either love her or you love her"

Raven is the blogger you wish you were, honest, real, down-to-earth, I love her.

Jenn from Knee Deep in Munchkinland

Jenn always keeps it real, whether it be about her marriage, her kids, or her relationship with her 3 sisters, I always leave her blog with a grateful heart.

Aubrey from The Kinch Life

Aubrey is beautiful inside and out, she's genuine & sweet, her blog showcases her day-to-day life with her hubby, her stepson Drake, & their pup Brutus.  I think my favorite thing about her? How she seems to be an awesomesauce stepmomma, just like my own!

A Complete Waste of Makeup

Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup
Oh what to say about Neely?  She honestly is my blogging mentor & I don't even think she knows it, if I have what seems like a good blog idea? I bounce it off her, I have a stupid blog question, I ask her.  & she has always been gracious enough to not laugh at me & get back to me quick.  I love her & her blog!

Brunch With Amber

Amber from Brunch with Amber
There is just something about Amber, that I know if we lived anywhere near each other, we'd be really good friends, she's sweet & sassy, and she just rocks my socks off!

Savanah from What Makes Savanah Smile
Savanah's blog always makes me smile.  Her kitties are adorable, her personality and happiness are infectious & her blog is just awesome, point.blank.period.

honorable mentions go to

Living in Yellow
Perfectly Imperfect Jenn
The Princess Diaries
Broken & Beautiful
With Gratitude(who happens to be the first Jenn's sister)
Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

so who is your blog crush?

link up with Erin & let her know!

it's okay!

Its Ok Thursdays

it's okay that I miss my Grandma tonight as much as I did a year ago, when I got the call that she left us for Heaven.  

it's okay that my dogs sometimes drive me nuts, but I love them like crazy!

it's okay that I've been a bum all of Spring Break.  

it's okay that I was a little sad that Nashville wasn't new last night.

it's okay to have loved your acrylics, but think your nails need a breather, and want them off like yesterday!

it's okay to not miss high school and all the drama it entails, one iota.  

have you linked up yet?  Neely & Amber are giving something awesome away when you do :)  

06 March 2013


linking up with Jenn for insta+lately

  • Lynn thought she was being cute asking if she could use my butterfly luggage...I was like 12 when I got that luggage, thankyouverymuch! 
  • He misses his momma, too bad she didn't bring him to Arizona with her! I bet he would have fit into my butterfly luggage.
  • Lynn thought it would be a good idea to give Chloe a rubber ducky as a play toy, her words, they're indestructible, I would have to beg to differ!
  • These two, get into tons of trouble, but they're my babies, so they get away with it...most of the time(please ignore the dirty windows!)
  • Cooper & Chloe cuddling on our snow day yesterday
  • Daddy & I, one of my first MN Twins games.
  • He is so adorable! Love him! 
  • Mady & Ryan from mid 2000's I would say.
  • My Grandma & Grandpa on one of their very first dates, in a county fair photo booth.  
  • All of us girl cousins except for my sister Olivia and my Uncle Craig's girls the weekend of my Grandpa's funeral, 2006. 
  • My Granny, my cousins Sarah & Andrea, and my sister Liv with my Grandma, 2010, I believe.
  • One of the last pictures we have of my Granny & Grandpa together, my cousin's wedding, 2005. 

  • All of us girl cousins with my Granny, summer of '02, I believe.   
  • This lacrosse sweatshirt is my brother Ryan's, he is 11, I'm almost 21, and it fits the both of us.
  • I look over, ask Mady what she's doing, and her response is, "snapchatting with my friends."
  • This is me, this is real. Love me or hate me, I don't care, because from now on, I'm doing me.
if you missed my first post of the day, you can find it here
& if you wanna follow me on IG, you can find me here

Meghan Lately

Happy hump day loves!

Some miscellaneous random life updates coming your way today!

this would be what should be our walkway

I enjoyed a snow day from work yesterday, considering that I was snowed in & my parents are in AZ enjoying the sun & time with my grandparents, so alas, no one to plow out for us(Mady & I), so I had a work snow day & her school was cancelled too!  We basically bummed around on Netflix and the like.   

The following conversation was had between us about Hannah Montana:
Gotta love my editing skills!  

I didn't do too much this weekend besides work and catch up on basically the whole season of Nashville, and can I just say I am ob.sessed?  Well I am.  Deacon & Rayna need to just get together and STAY together for reals!  

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my grandma passing away.  To say I miss her like crazy would be an understatement.  I miss her voice on the phone, miss all the card games we used to play, her love, & our Maid Rite dates.  I miss dialing her phone number, which hadn't changed since I was a little girl.  Miss you Granny, It makes me happy knowing you and Grandpa are two of my many guardian angels <3 p="">

I got this beautiful clutch/wallet/Iphone case from Kodi who is a stylist for Stella & Dot, I love it mucho! 

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03 March 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social time once again!

Sunday Social

 5 songs you’ll listen to the rest of your life:

-Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
-Words I Would Say by The Sidewalk Prophets
-What Faith Can Do by Kutless
-God Gave me You by Blake Shelton
-I Cross My Heart by George Strait

5 things on your bucket list

-Get married
-Go to Jamaica
-Take a spontaneous roadtrip
-Go to the Daytona 500
-Visit Nashville

5 celebs you’d love to hang out with for a day

-Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
-Kurt Warner and his family
-Kenny Chesney
-Tim Tebow
-George Strait

5 Things you always carry in your purse

-debit card
-an extra pen
-my iphone

5 books on your reading list

-silver linings playbook
-mwf seeking bff
-nineteen minutes
-the bloggess book
-rereading Bloom

Share the last 5 pictures on your phone

Have a great Sunday everybody!  

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