06 January 2014

Unaccompanied Minor.

Once upon a time, before I was cool enough to blog, I wrote at an online diary site called OD.  I met a few of my best friends on that site, you've probably read about them around these parts, I met Jayme in August, Lora's the big sister I always wanted but never got, Veronica has made a few appearances as well, & then there's Liz. We shared a love of men in the military(she actually had a boyfriend in uniform, I just liked all that the military men stood for and how good they looked in uniform.)

We shared a love of photography and pop-tarts as well as Army Wives.  So it was natural that we would talk outside of OD, we would stay up til all hours of the nights chatting on AIM.

anyone remember good ol' AIM man? May he rest in peace.

On one of our many late night AIM chats, a little idea started, blame it on the cold winter of Minnesota, the boringness of being a high school student or just wanting to have a little fun, I'd fly out to visit her.  And soon that little idea, became a bigger idea and finally, I purchased a plane ticket.  Yeah, I was 16, almost 17, and I was going to go visit a person I met on the internet.

You might be thinking, were your parents idiots? Were you raised by monkeys? Who lets their daughter go visit a complete stranger and not give two hoots? Patience my friends.  No, my parents weren't idiots and most days I'm not a child of monkeys.  I hadn't let them in on this plan of mine until after I had purchased my plane ticket. 

Oh so sneaky.  Yeah, and back before I had to pay my own bills, I had the money to actually purchase said tickets.  

When I did let my parents in on this brilliant plan of mine, to quote the wonderful ten things about you, the shiteth hitteth the fan..eth.  How dare I decide to do this without their okay? because, I knew you'd say no.  
They put a kabosh on my plans real quick, I had to cancel my tickets, I may have been a tad dramatic about not being able to go, but at least I didn't get kidnapped and killed by a strange old man, right parents? 

Just kidding Mom.  

One day, maybe her wedding or something, Liz and I will actually get to meet :)  

& that's pretty much the extent of my teenage rebellion stage.  I'm my parents good kid :D


  1. You have to remember I'm the one the introduced you to ChickFilA! ;)

  2. Aww! Now you guys need to start saving up to meet!

  3. Lol I love this story! Hilarious! Love you little sis :)


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