02 January 2014

Meghan's Sexiest Men of 2013

yes, I'm doing 2013's sexiest men in 2014, sue me :)

Blake Shelton, I loved him with the mullet, I love him now.  I can't wait to see his music video for Doing What She Likes! 

Brantley Gilbert, he's probably my number 1.  I love his new song and can't wait to hear the rest of his new album! 

Gary Taylor, he's a model/fitness dude.  He's also got a heart of gold.  I "met" him through one of my favorite authors Kelly Elliot :)  

Kasey Kahne, any guy who can look this good and drive cars at hundreds of miles per hour and not get himself killed, he's very sexy in my book. 

it's Ryan Reynolds, do I even need to explain? 

& my two for one Kenny & Tim <3 p="">

who made your sexiest man list? 


  1. Good list! Although I don't know some of these guys... Lol

  2. I'm with you for sure on most of these! Love me some Blake, for sure ;)


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