23 January 2014

Thursday Three.

The last three nights, my brother Ryan, Lynn and my Dad all played our Marbles Game.  The last three nights, Lynn and I have kicked the boys butts.  It was really fun, it's been nice being able to sit down and rib each other and laugh.

I did some retail therapy with one of my best friends Vanessa last night and I got quite a lot for relatively little money.  We met up at the Mall of America around 3:30 yesterday & walked around.  I bought the comfiest yoga bra and yoga pants at VS & then a pair of Bar Paw boots and then a few lotions at Bath&Body Works. I'd call it a successful trip.  

Then last night when we were playing marbles, Ryan told me about what he learned about in youth group, they're talking about sex and relationships and this is what he tells me: I have to approve any boy before he can take you out on a date or be your boyfriend.  And if he tries to have sex with you, I'll give him a knuckle.  Cue the big sister tears.  I always wanted a big brother, but it looks like my younger brother is going to do that job for me!  

Have a great almost Friday loves! 



  1. I love that comment from your brother!! So sweet.

  2. Your brother is the sweetest!! so cute!


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