10 January 2014

#CatchtheMoment365 Week 1

Nurse Loves Farmer

Today, I'll be sharing the first week of my pictures for #catchthemoment365

How has it been almost four years since I graduated? That's just crazy talk! 

Good lesser known song by Toby Keith! 

This happens once in every like 20 years.  

Cuddly Cooper and my favorite blanket! 

My parents were gone for the weekend and Cooper was my shadow.  

MN selfie on Monday.  I was still cold! 

Another sleepy Cooper pic. 


  1. I'm not a huge dog lover but that boy is just beautiful!

  2. This cold has been just crazy!

  3. It was funny that it was all the talk of Northern Wisconsin that the Gov of MN closed schools on Monday. LOL

    Happy to be getting to "know" you through CtM365!


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