13 January 2014

Alien Smiley Face.

"You shower first!" "No you shower first!" Mady and I bickered back and forth, and I suppose it should be noted that we had two showers that could be used, but yet we were still arguing over who was going to shower first.  

When my words didn't make her shower first, I decided, I was going to hit her, and then she pinched me, and not a little pinch either, it was an I'm going for blood pinch.  It bled, and then scabbed, and then I had a sideways half moon scar, a few years after that, when I was 14 or 15, a freckle appeared there, thus giving the appearance of what Mady & I called my alien smiley face scar.  Now, the scar itself has completely faded, but Mady always loved telling people she gave me my favorite scar.  

Any fun stories behind any of your scars? 


  1. This is so funny! Definitely the best reason I've heard of to get a scar.

  2. HAHA, that's too funny!!! I don't think any of my scars look cool, but now I wish at least one of them did so I had a story to tell!


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