14 January 2014

Random Meghan Facts.

1. It drives me absolutely bonkers when singers don't enunciate the G's at the endings of words.  Common offenders include Taylor Swift, and Big and Rich do it in Caught in the Moment.

2.  I am that person that sings even when she has her headphones in and I'm not even an iota apologetic about it.

3. When I get really excited, I rub my hands together, which I get from my dad.  When I get really really excited, I flap.  Lynn loves to make fun of me for it.  One of my favorite authors does it too, except she calls it muppet flailing and that's just plain awesomesauce.

4. I chopped my hair off in October 2012 and I'm still trying to grow it out again.

5. If I could have anyone listen to one song it's Mark Wills' Don't Laugh at Me, it helped me get through teasing and name calling when I was younger.

6. I just started watching Chicago Fire, and to call me obsessed would be an understatement.  I mean have you seen who the firefighters are? #swoon.

7. I really want a tattoo.  I have actually quite a few that I want, but my first one is going to be "If heaven wasn't so far away."

8. If money were no object, I'd open up my own coffee shop & then also be an author.

9. My favorite sport is hockey, followed closely by NASCAR, although I do love watching football and baseball too.  I cheer for the MN Wild, Hendrick Motorsports, the Carolina Panthers and MN Twins for their respective sports.

10. I found the above quote on Pinterest last night, and it was like YES! SO true.  My sister and I aren't speaking at the moment and I'm learning that she gave me the scissors and I have to be okay with cutting her off for now.  Doesn't mean I don't love her, just means I can't keep getting hurt over and over without getting bitter.


  1. I cannot handle Don't Laugh at Me! Makes me cry!

  2. #1: Lol girl, that's actually just how southern folks talk.


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