20 January 2014

Life Lately.

My girl Erin posted a picture of her in her husband's safety goggles, so I thought hey what the heck.  

Why yes, I realize I am quite late to the game today.  I have a day off today & I slept in and am slowly, but surely catching up on the current season of Chicago Fire. 

Also attempting to clean and organize my room and closet, because they haven't had tender loving care in way too long.  

Have any of y'all heard Garth Brooks' first new single in forever? It's The Call & features a certain Ms. Yearwood as well.  

LOVE it.  It'll be a part of my Meghan's Mixtape 4, which will be live Saturday.

& lastly for this mixbag of a post, my favorite author's last book in her Wanted series is being released tonight at midnight, Kelly Elliot is the bomb dot com.  

Thus ending the most random post in They Call Her Meghan's history. 

Meghan out.  

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