03 January 2014


current book(s): 
I just started on the second Lucky Harbor book.  I finished the first one at like 1 this morning.  

current playlist: 
Whatever's playing on The Highway channel on my Sirius XM mobile radio. 

current color: 
the hot pink of my UA hoodie that I never take off. 

current food/drink: 
anything that has peppermint and chocolatey from the clearance candy aisle. 

current favorite show(s): 
my go-to's are Nashville and Grey's Anatomy.
current needs: 
It'd be wonderful if it'd get a little warmer.  

current banes of my existence: 
the cold.  my sister Mady.  

current celebrity crush:
you can see them here I posted them yesterday! 

current #1 blessing: 
my family.  Cliche but true.  

current indulgence:
My mudslide K-cup with chocolate caramel creamer.

current outfit: 
anything that goes with this hoodie. 

current excitement: 
the beginning of a new year always gets me excited, but not quite as much as this year has!

current mood: 
I'm happy :)  

current favorite quote or verse: 
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  

current wishlist item: 
I wouldn't complain about a vacation to somewhere warm.  

current favorite product(s):
my keurig and my goodreads app!  

1 comment:

  1. Ooh mudslide k-cup?? I've gotta find that to try!


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