08 January 2014

The Girl Between the Lines.

So I debated for the last week who I was gonna post about for this week's TGBTL prompt, and then I decided on my little brother, Ryan. 

This kid, you guys, he's just turned 12, but the way he stands up for his faith? That fills this big sister's heart with love and appreciation for him.  

God blessed him with the ability to share his faith and beliefs and stick up for them without being scared about it.  This is his first year in middle school and he's got an English teacher that is teaching them about sorcery & wizardry & having them reading their fortunes, and Ryan knowing that Jesus has all of it already planned out for us, knows that this kind of stuff isn't stuff he should be participating in, and he's coming home and we're having good discussions about it, & his teacher is probably sick of emails from my parents, but it's not okay for her to be forcing kids to do these kinds of things! 

I hope that I can be more confident and stick up more for what I believe God has told us to be true in 2014 like Ryan does.  

What's a trait that you admire in someone you look up to?   
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  1. your brother sounds like an amazing person!

    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Confidence is a great trait to have! Especially at that age it takes a lot of people a long time to really develop confidence in themselves!

  3. Wow! How awesome for someone at any age to feel confident sharing and sticking up for their faith, but especially a middle school boy!

  4. I wish I had the courage that your brother does now at his age! It sounds like he has learned from the best! =)

  5. That is a great trait to aspire to. :)

  6. Wow! What gumption at just 12 years old!! That is pretty cool. Enjoy your time with him!! :)

  7. That confidence and boldness is such a rare quality, especially in someone so young! The Lord has big plans for Ryan. Well, scratch that -- the Lord has big plans for EVERYONE -- but Ryan's boldness will be used for sure. He's already inspiring you!! :)

    gayle | grace for gayle
    I'm a #Previvor!

  8. That confidence to share his faith is an amazing trait that many people never truly acquire! I love that he isn't ashamed of his Savior and is willing to stand up for Him in a hurting world! This is a sweet post and I know he probably admires your encouraging heart the same way you admire his bold heart! Thanks for joining us again, Meghan--I love reading your posts! :)


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