17 January 2014

#CatchtheMoment365 Week 2

 Week two of Catch the Moment!

January 8th- My favorite picture of Cooper as a puppy. 

January 9th-Selfie before bed.  

January 10th-Tip your hat to the cowboy every once in awhile and remember that cowboy's smile. RIP Lane Frost.   

January 11-What my Saturday morning before work consisted of, Chicago Fire and Reese's Puffs.  

January 12th-Sometimes you just gotta have fun. #yesmyroomismessy

Janary 13th-Yes, I love this! 

January 14th-My small group and I went to Laser Tag and Ryan tagged along.  We then spent some brother/sister time playing arcade games. #mykindofnight

January 15th- A little bedtime snack, yes please! 

linking up with Sarah for Catch the Moment 365.  


  1. I love that picture of Cooper!

    I've always wanted to try laser tag!

  2. I love laser tag!! I can't wait until my kids are bigger and I can take them. I'm sure there will be one or two birthday parties there.

  3. Oh I love me some reeses puffs ;)


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