31 January 2014

#CatchtheMoment365 week 4.

January 23-My handwriting.  

January 24-I challenge you to read Molly McAdams' books Taking Chances and Stealing Harper without crying, if you do, you obviously don't have a heart. Or are just immune to feeling things.  That's what this shirt is referencing! 

January 25-I think  this is actually the only dog picture this entire week.  

January 26-Random memory lane with Mady.  

January 27-Happy 2nd Birthday Grady! Grady is Spencer's half-brother.  

January 28-What the weather does to my glasses.  

January 29-Discussing the strength and stubbornness to be a grandpa.  Especially to granddaughters.  

Nurse Loves Farmer

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