07 January 2014

Favorite Things.

Some of my favorite things as of late include, but are not limited to:

~junior mints with peppermint crunch covering

~Kahlua K-cups

~Chocolate peanut butter Poptarts

~my Under Armour pink hoodie(I wonder if anybody's tired of hearing about how much I love this thing? Tough. Blame my stepmom for buying it for me then!)

~this girl's blog, I can't tell ya how I found her, but I love her honesty and transparency. p.s. she has a good looking hubby & her kids? the cutest! 

~Sirius XM radio, most notably the Highway & Prime Country, customized to how I like my country music,

~cuddles with this dog. 

~my turquoise ring I got for Christmas.

~the song Aw Naw by Chris Young, this is one of those songs that no matter where I am, I will start dancing along with it & don't care who sees me.  

What's a current fave of yours? 

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