18 September 2014

The Home of Country Music.

You'd think my day off would be the day that I get a blog post done and posted right away in the morning, but nope, here it is 8pm and I'm just opening blogger.  #ohwell

Ever since I've been old enough to know about Nashville, I've wanted to visit there, and now that one of my good friends Lora lives only a few hours away from there, I really, really, really want to go, not only to sightsee, but to meet Lora as well!

I want to visit the Bluebird Cafe, and I think it'd be cool to see where they film scenes from Nashville, the TV show.

I would love to just walk up and down music row and see if I could run into any of the who's who of Nashville, namely Brantley Gilbert or Garth Brooks.

I want to see the Country Music HOF and the Grand Ole Opry.

Have you been to Nashville?
Where is a location on your vacation bucket list?


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