04 September 2014

Fashionista I am Not.

This is probably the Blog-tember prompt I had the most trouble with, so I'm putting my own spin on it.

fashion do's for me: My favorite faded blue jeans usually paired with my favorite concert tee or hoodie depending on the season.

fashion do not courtesy of Pinterest: 

fashion do not courtesy of people watching: Do not wear the high-low dresses nine months pregnant, or if you do, please make sure to get the correct size, I do not want to see your underwear and three fourths of your stomach.  Thank you.

linking up with Bailey Jean once again! 

Also, I'm doing a Q&A/FAQ vlog on September 16th, comment here on the blog or shoot me an email at theycallhermeghan(at)gmail.com with your questions!


  1. Love your post! Oh my, I wonder if that lady in the photo knows that her image is posted all over the internet?

  2. I love my favorite pair of blue jeans and T-shirts.

  3. What is your best blog tip? Dream job? And how much do you love me ;) haha! Can't wait to watch the vlog!

  4. It may be time to retire the "hoodie" and grow up.

    1. Who are you to tell someone to grow up? You don't even know her and you're making a snap judgement like that? Why in the world can someone not wear a hoddie? Also, her bills are paid, she takes care of herself, works full time...so therefore I think she's doing a damn good job of taking care of herself and being a grown up.
      How about YOU stop being a troll?

    2. Lora, sweetie, I've seen your photo.....gosh, you shouldn't go around tossing out the word "troll".

    3. "Troll - One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument."

      But thank you for being so kind to attack my looks. It really does make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that someone who hides on the internet and attacks innocent people and leaves rude comments thinks I'm ugly and a troll. Thank you. I'm going to go cry in my soup now.

  5. blue jeans and a hoodie are seriously the best! :)


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