05 September 2014

Little Moments.

My life's not perfect, and I thank God it's not because how boring would that be? I live for the little moments and they are most definitely something I'm passionate about.

The sunsets I'm able to capture right off of my balcony.

The late afternoon Starbucks runs for the PSL.

The little notes between Karen and I.

Hearing my favorite song on Pandora.

Fangirling when Garth Brooks' newest song comes on.

Voicemails from my Grandma just calling to say she loves me and hopes I'm doing well(I really need to call both of mine!)

When my sister Facetimes me just to say Hi.

The way Cooper and Leader get so excited when I come to visit, whereas Chloe is just like ehh, you're back? Coooool.

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  1. Those are all great things to be happy about. It really is the little things in life.

  2. I agree that a "perfect" life would be completely boring. And I'm a country fan, too!

  3. i love your positive attitude! so true. sometimes we take for granted little things that are blessings we have each day.


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