07 September 2014

Sunday Social!

Social Sunday

It's Sunday, so obviously linking up for Sunday Social!

1. 5 things you want us to know about you
1) I am loyal to a fault, I will have your back until you screw me over. 
2) My family and friends are the most important thing to me other than my faith.  
3) I am an ambivert, meaning I'm part intro and part extrovert. 
4) If I could do anything in the world, it would be to write for a living. 
5) I'm anxiously waiting to get my first tattoo.  

2. 5 favorite things about blogging
1) The ladies I've met through this blog.
2) Writing.
3) All the new things I've discovered because of it. 
4) That I'm able to express myself freely. 
5) The free stuff! #keepinitreal
3. 5 things you are doing before the year is over
1) Brantley Gilbert concert in Des Moines
2) Seeing my bff while in Des Moines.
3) Hopefully making a trip up north if I can swing it. 
4) Pay my mom off for helping me with my last student loan.
5) Enjoy every moment! 
4. 5 favorite fall fashion staples
1) My faded Maurices' jeans.
2) My green plaid flannel. 
3) My Garth Brooks sweatshirt.
4) My Columbia zip-up
5) My old Bemidji Beavers hoodie. 
5. 5 favorite beauty products

Have a great holiday weekend!

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  1. I think I may be an ambivert too! Happy Sunday Social!


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