21 September 2014

Fall favorites

It's almost 11 and I'm just now posting, I worked today til 4 and then came home and napped and deep cleaned and everyone knows, when you get in the cleaning mood, you don't let anything break it.

Here are just a few of my favorite fall things:

-pretty colors on the leaves. 

-jumping in said leaves, usually Mady and I will jump in a few piles between our house and my grandparents house, but now that we're both out of the house, I'm not sure who's gonna jump with me.  

-cooler temps

-hoodies being acceptable without being questioned "aren't you hot in that?" um, no, I'm still cold actually.  

-pumpkin pie

-fall TV starting back up.

-hockey season is right around the corner

-NASCAR is just wrapping up and it's so fun to watch the championship play out. 



What's one of your favorite things about fall?

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