06 September 2014


Can I just give myself a big pat on the back for posting 6 days in a row and not quitting already? * pats self on back*

...reading all of your blogs, I love this challenge, so many new friends!
...watching not much at the moment, I'm re-watching Army Wives from the beginning, and I'm at the beginning of season 5. Can't wait for Chicago Fire, Nashville and Grey's to be back! 

...trying not to worry about things I can't control, but that's easier said than done. #prayerrequest

...eating a Morning bun from Starbucks, because it's my day off and I'm going to enjoy it!
...pinning all the things. 

...tweeting I saw this quote and had to retweet it, because it's become one of my favorites about writing and reading as well..."If there's a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." #loveit

...going to Iowa in 45ish days to see my bestest and my husband Brantley Gilbert.  

...loving that we have a Starbucks in ER now, I can walk there and walk back, nice exercise, & coffee, #winning

...discovering that God has me exactly where he wants me at this point in life.  

...enjoying the fall like temps that Minnesota has had the last couple of days.  I love sweatshirt weather.

...thinking about my ideas for my novel for NaNoWriMo.  

...feeling pretty good. 

...hoping for a hug from Karen tomorrow.  

...listening to my Pandora that has all of my country stations shuffled. 

...thanking God for all of the little things in my life that I am blessed with.  

...starting to countdown the days til I get to meet Mav!(One of my best friends that I met online.)
linking up with the lovely Bailey

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  1. I love that you know you are exactly where God wants you. So much peace comes from knowing that.


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