26 September 2014

Better Than I Used to Be.

I can say without a doubt, the Meghan from a year ago would not recognize the Meghan of today.  & I'm totally okay with that.

Meghan of yesteryear

The Meghan of last year was still 4.5 months away from telling her parents the truth about school.  She was getting used to the fact that one of her best friends, her sister had up and moved out of their house because she was 18 and didn't want to have to deal with the rules of the house anymore.  In October, her work mom would have a stroke and that would rock her world, but they would become even closer because they began talking almost nightly on Facebook.

Okay, sorry I can't talk about  myself in third person anymore.

I think I've really seen myself grow a lot within the last 6 months.  Ever since I turned 22.  I feel like I'm finally becoming an adult and I'm independent and it feels great.

I love having my own place, I love the great relationship I have with my parents for the most part, because let's get real, they still are adjusting to not having me at home, I love my job, it's not where 18 year old Meghan would have thought she would be, but I'm learning that's okay as well.

Have you made any big life changes in the last year? Are you where you're 18 year old self thought you'd be?

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  1. It's good to hear that you're happy where you're at in your life. At 18 (and even at 22) I was struggling to accept where I was. At 22 I was pregnant and worried about the future. Now, at 26 I'm happy and comfortable. :) Happy Friday!


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