22 September 2014

My Tribe.

These five following ladies are what I like to call "my tribe".  They raise me up when I am down, love me when I want to hide myself away. I love them like my long lost sisters from different misters. 

Lora from Heart of Life, she's basically the big sister I always wanted but never had. The one I go to when I need a good pep talk or for sound advice. Love her!

Rachael from the Rachael Way is my sparkly unicorn spirit animal. I love this girl to pieces & know that once she's back in the states we will meet! 

Morgan from True Life of KMK. Morgan's love of Jesus & her family & her adorable pup Tank inspire me daily & she's also always been SO sweet to me. 

Amanda from Keeping up with the Haneys. Her passion for not only her career, but her family & friends is one I admire. She's another one I'd consider like an older sister. Plus, she loves Aaron Watson as much as I do. 

Ashley from Ashley Lately. I just want to be her when I grow up. She loves Jesus, her family & country music just as much as I do and she's someone I definitely look up to! 

So who are a few of your faves? 


  1. You better believe we will be meeting someday! Thank you for being a part of my tribe :)

  2. Love you! I think you, Racael, and I should just meet together. The end.

  3. It's so great to have a tribe. Mine's pretty big. There are so many bloggers I love!


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