14 September 2014

That Blog Life.

I have blogged in some capacity ever since I was 14.  I had an OpenDiary off and on from the time I was 14 to 16 when I kept that same diary until that site closed down early this year.  I also keep a more private online journal over at Prosebox, which is like OD, but this blog has been in existence since August of 2010.  I first started a completely public blog whilst I was in my senior media lit class as a required assignment.  I deleted those posts once graduation came around and then relaunced as They Call Her Meghan that August.

Why do I blog?

Because therapy is too expensive, haha.  But in all seriousness, I blog because I want to be able to look back on my late teenage years and my twenties and remember all that I did.  I want to be able to go back on my bad days and reminisce about the good days.  I love writing, I love sharing my stories and my life with my friends. This is my way to do it.

What about you? Why do you blog?


  1. I just started blogging. I've kept a written journal for over ten years! Do you also keep a written journal? What's Prosebox? You blog really well! Do you share your Prosebox writings?

    1. It's written in invisible ink, so it'd be hard for you to read.

    2. Invisible ink....I'm not following....goes to show that I have a lot to learn!

    3. Again, sarcasm. I do not share my prosebox with the general public.

    4. Okay.....understand completely about sharing stuff with the general public! But I'm surprised by the sarcasm, considering how often and how many times your mention church, God, and Jesus.....hmmmm......reading between the lines here!

    5. So someone cannot be playful, joking, and sarcastic if they call themselves a Christian?
      If you truly knew Meghan you would know that she is the sweetest, kindest, most open individual. However, you only know her through her blog and you won't leave ANY details about who you are and leave comments that are not very friendly and then go and delete them. Why should she be overly friendly to someone that comes in and just invades her space and makes snaps judgments like you have above?

    6. Lora, sweetie, blogs are a public forum for comments --- vague, direct, good, bad, honest, dishonest --- if people cannot "take" it, they shouldn't blog.

    7. Don't call me sweetie.

      When you come to someone's blog and leave ugly, judgmental comments just for the the purpose of doing so that's when I have a problem. You have not left one positive comment at all in Meghan's blog. Yes they are a public forum obviously...but when you're hiding behind who you really are and bullying my friend I do not accept that. Grow a pair and stop hiding.

    8. Actually, I have a mighty fine pair of Lady Balls.


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