31 January 2015

Saturday Snippets week 2.

This was meant to be a weekly thing and then life got in the way, but one of my February goals is going to be to post these each Saturday like I intended to, because we can all spread the blog love a little more :)

The #1800challenge is baaaaaaaaaack! Check out Erin's post if you want more info, basically you commit to work out 1800 minutes between February 1st & March 31st & this year there is a cash prize up for grabs if you put $1 in! So get to it, challenge starts tomorrow! ($1 is not necessary to join!)

Kerri posted on being a girl's girl & I'm slowly getting to have a core group of ladies that I trust with utmost confidence & this really stuck out to me!

You all know how much I love my small moments and Amber is capturing them in her Everyday moments series...first one is here!

& in case you missed it on they call her meghan this week:

Monday//Grateful Heart 
Wednesday//What do YOU wanna know? 
Thursday//#MeghanDoes2015 week 4

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  1. That's a lot of working out. I really should do that though, considering where I'm at now. :/


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